Monday, January 31

Orlando So Fars

When I know I'll be boarding a plane, I imagine myself walking down the narrow aisle of the plane, glancing at numbers and letters, until I find my seat that matches my ticket and politely greeting the person who will be on the side Nathan is not. I picture myself making an ice breaking joke about the turbulence, taxing time, or crying baby, opening for the flood of conversation about cooking, babies, pop-culture, or their stories about this being the one of many flights on their way to go bunker in a tree for protest purposes, in the middle of the last of a dying breed of rain forest woods, while nursing the last family of albino river bats back to health, and blogging about it. Hours passing with endless laughter and a base of friendship made at an over 10,000 latitude.

Walking down the aisle, I do check for the number that secures my seat, no polite greeting is made, instead I'm once-overed by a man who's salt and pepper hair has the trend of today's tweeners, well exceeds his age, and what looks like two over grown caterpillars hovering above angry eyes, causes me to think twice about that ice breaking joke. With no further acknowledgment that I've taken residence with inches from him, for the next few hours.

Flipping my way through my Food Network Magazine, listening to the unexpected Ke$ha song pouring out from his inserted earphones, secretly, I want him to tap me on the shoulder and say, "Hey Girl, you want to listen with me? This songs so good you just can't enjoy it on your own" and as we rock out our 4x2 foot plane space, we'll choreography some over the head, hand dancing for the passangers in back to enjoy. The crying baby will stop, the kids will laugh while jumping in their seats, and the elderly sake their heads smiling to themselves, baffled by today's youth. A scenario that might, just might, cross over to be a Glee-tastic plane ride until we reach our destination.

As of January 31st, this has yet to come true.
More importantly we landed in Florida safe and sound, hitting the ground running for the purposes of our journey south.

Like every show before, I love looking at the seasonal things that are new and refreshing, bright and full of life. Feeding the already rigid energy of being someplace unformiliar and exciting. But that only last so long, and then the real hardware business takes place. The stuff that's less whimsical and more realistic when it comes to sales in small town USA. PVC pipes, rebar pricing, and the best deal on truck loads of insulations. It's at this point my attention is hard to keep. My mind starts to wonder and heart starts to ache.

Enjoy it while I am here is what I will do, and I'm looking forward to a relaxing day in the sun tomorrow. A full night's sleep is nice and sleeping in is being taken advantage of, refreshing to say the least, but what I have waiting for me when I get home, is such a treat, and I can't wait for those restless little body nights, followed by early morning snuggles, once again.
(Although, my hopes are still quite high, for the possibility of amazing, on that plane ride home)


secondsanctuary said...


When I woke up this morning, you were on my mind.

I walk around my house with your house in my thoughts. While my Wesley gets some extra sleep on this snow day, I think about your Wesley. Tunes you have included on your play list loop in the background of my conscious thought.

I wonder--are you aware of how your writing and photos and sharing and exposing lingers with your readers? It's almost creepy. But then it's not. It's good. Your work enhances my work, my home, my days, my mothering, wife-ing.

Thank you. Beverly

Sam said...

No, Thank you Beverly!! You're too kind. I appreciate your comments and couldn't be happier that you are enjoying my blog. It's a great positive outlet for myself, but am thrilled you're able to take away from it yourself. Thanks again!!


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