Sunday, April 17

Gettin' Gone...

When the initial plans on how we were going to spend this weekend fell through, Nate suggest that it might be the perfect opportunity to take the kids for a mini vacation. The time of year where the weekends start to fill up quickly, is fast approaching. The time of year, where the weekends start to fill up quickly, I'm realizing, is now. adore.

Things never stay quiet for long, the ground is usually hit running, and as of this weekend, we're running. We're getting ready to ditch town for a few days, we're pretty well ready to go, but still have the last minute things that can't really get done, until the last minute… well I'm 48 seconds into the minute… with the do-it list demanding my attention, so I'm dropping in real quick to send our farewells and throw up loads of pictures from the last few days.

Due to the time crunch and the fact I have the whole rest of the week to give the time and attention, that I feel the events of Easter weekend properly deserves, I will simple say, I adore Easter, and will leave it at that.

Easter egg hunt a week early? I am there, shutter a snappin'.

Yesterday's weather was very un-spring like, but other than that, you wouldn't have known the difference as we carried on with our day, in a very spring like way.

(a glimpse into a future problem perhaps?)

Nate's almost done work, naps have been postponed as long as possible, bags are zipped and missing at least one essential item, children are bored with entertaining themselves in a friendly manner, and a mother's patience is strained.

This can only mean one thing…. it's go time.

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