Thursday, April 21

Vacation Continues

The minute I heard the garage door clicking open Sunday afternoon, telling me Nate was home from work, I met him beside the already loaded van, I was ready. I was ready to start vacation, I was ready to leave the disaster that was left as the result of a multitasking mother, with three little ones who knew exactly how to take advantage of me being easily distracted. I was ready to restock my patience with electronic device pacified boys, and car seat restrained, motion lulled, napping babies.

Our distention was a hotel, that had a water slide in it… a hotel.with.a.water.slide. Seriously? amazing! The whole hotel had the most wholesome family friendly feel about it, everyone working there had a genuine interest in making your stay wonderful, and the unexpected treasure, was finding out some good friends happened to be vacationing for the exact duration as us. These friends are centering friends, balancing friends, the type of friends that life directs us to unknowing vacation in the same state, same hotel, same time, because these friends are good friends, and life knows the importance of that. Quickly reminding us, with a 5 our drive, that's the every day busyness, needs to be less distracting a little closer to home.

The normally shy Wesley, the Wesley, who likes to sit back, see how things work, timid until enough time has been spent processing it all, jumped in with both feet. Going down the slides, only to turn around, and get back into line to go again. There wasn't any extra Mumma's encouragement needed, he was off, following the older kids lead, and when their interest directed them to other things, Wesley stayed with what he liked, confident and unafraid.

Calvin, was Calvin. There was little discouraging him from any fun, his love for life, just radiates from him, and this weekend was no exception, there was fun to have, and Calvin was having it. Discouraged at first he wasn't able to go on the biggest of water slides, he was easily appeased by spending some time with his big brother, on the little ones.

The new independence of Josephine has been vibrantly displayed for the world to see. She's found her voice, and love to share her many opinions, she's bossy, to say the least, and eager to explore all new surrounding. But this time around, among the slashing water, unfamiliar scream of over excited little ones, and an atmosphere of busy energy, she hung close, holding onto the security of her Daddy tightly, and without either of them being aware, burying herself more deeply into her Daddy's heart.

Returning to the devastation in a house, left by the wake of a 'lets just get this vacation started' Me, we returned to the reality of it all, in the middle of picking it all up, putting it all away, I remembered, we're on vacation, and there is much more fun to be had. Routine of the everyday will have to wait, until Monday.

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