Friday, April 1

Memories Blogged

I'm not the type of person who can sit and journal after everyday, in a note book, kept in the top drawer, in my night stand. Re-reading my end of the day blotchy hand writing would be confusing, scattered, and attempts of figuring out each word scratched, painful. Though it is what is always advised, by those who regret not marking their already grown children's memories more consistently. It just wouldn't work for me.

I've also tried the photo albums uploads with captions underneath each picture, through Snapfish or Shutterfly, but as you all know I take a lot of pictures, so that ended up being tedious and annoying. I was looking for a way to capture the beauty of the everyday, with reflective visuals, while providing a positive outlet for myself, avoiding the humdrum "I'll regret not doing it one day" mentality. I wanted something so my kids would have a heart filled, raw, keepsake, from their mother, about the moments that may fall in the shadows, as the larger milestone shine, but are important, just the same, not to forget.

Enter stage right, Goodnyou?

Starting this blog just made the most sense. Not only is it very much a positive outlet, and surprisingly I find it therapeutic, all the while with unexpectedly encouraged along the way. It really is enjoyed by more than I anticipated and viewed by more than I expected. It's humbling to say the least.

Mostly, I imagine, when my kids are older, grown with families of their own, living closer to home, or far away, they will stumble across the blog writings, at a time in their lives that it is needed the most. I want them to read the stories of their lives growing up, from my perspective. Make them laugh at the foolishness of the simplest of things, refresh there minds of the smaller days, that have a tendency to get forgotten along the way, and reassure them that in the times they felt loved the least, it was when I loved them the most, because, my love never stumbled, even during the times as a parent I may have.

The blog's purpose is to reflect the real, raw, and sometime frustrating days that are contained in a house, made a home, by the beautiful beings that Nate and I are lucky to call our own. For myself, I want to remember the days that haven't gone so smoothly, learn from the days that I hurried to end, and bask in the self presentness of days filled with puddle jumping.

I have a hard time thinking that my kids will someday be out of touch with each other, letting days go by, where words are not exchanged or laughs not shared as frequently as I would like, but for now, they are woven in the fibers of each other's lives. And sometime down the road, I want this blog to remind them of the small things that bonded those threads so tight, with stories of yesterday, written in the present, secured in the future. 

I picture, after them reading my stories of days long passed, it will provoke them to pick up the phone to say, "Hey! It's me, remember that book of Mom's blog? I just found it, remember when…." and from there the conversation will move quickly over a long period of time, ending with "we should talk like this more often and get the kids together soon." And I hope they do.

But for now, I will do my part in showing my kids the beauty of today, gaining all experiences that life has to offer, while I blog about it all along the way.

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