Monday, April 11


I think it's very important for my kids to know how marvelous being un-entertained is.  The self-contained nothing is where I want them to find the beauty of it all. Week days don't need to be filled with after school anythings, not every weekend needs to be spent sprinting away from home, going from one thing to the next.

In the nothing, is where beauty harbors, allowing for the appreciation to bloom for when there is the occasional something.

I don't want to hurry my kids to what's next, filling their days full of activities and bustle, doing this, only to get to that. Nate and I don't want to teach our kids to be looking so hard for what's next, they have no chance of being inspired by right now.

This weekend did just that, we thrived in the simplicity of the nothing…

(Mom don't freak, though it looks like it, she didn't hit her head on the ceiling… I promise!)

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TV's Take said...

Great photos and it looks like you guys did a lot indeed. Love the top photo; she must be all about standing vs sitting just like my girl


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