Sunday, October 2

Slow Weekend Love

Ok, I've only got a minute. Well, that's not a 100% true statement, I have all day, but I just sent the kids upstairs to play in the toy room and there is no knowing how long this "MUMMA!" free time will be. Instead of jumping in the shower like planned, I scurried over to the coffee pot, refilled my cup, grabbed my laptop on the way back out of the kitchen, threw myself on the couch, under the fleece blanket, turned on Food Network, and opened up blogger. The amount of giddy, adrenaline, that is running threw me right now, by 'sneaking' in a few minutes of non-productivity, is impressive (understandably viewed as sad by some, but still impressive, none the less).

Our weekend has been filled with no expectations, and the turn out so far, has been overly gratifying.  Girl's night in Friday night, with yummy drinks, great friends, fatty food, and a very adult, a highly inappropriate movie, only encouraged the fact that something so simple, isn't indulged in often enough.

The other day, I read about allowing the changing of seasons to 'seep in' so that you're able to enjoy the changing to it's fullest. I thought, what a great idea, a little at a time, prolongs the goodness of it all. Yesterday, I started the seeping of the fall season. I pulled out the indian corn colored candles, threw the deep green table runner on the table, but before I new it, the cracks started to give, and the flood gates soon opened. The crafts were brought out, orange and purple lights strung up, and windows peppered with pumpkins, witches, and bats. Nate came home from work to a house ready to celebrate Halloween, thrown full force in his face. I guess, seasonal seeping isn't really 'my thing'.

Today, the weather continues to encourage us, to take the day in stride. I'll putter around the house, picking up toys, throwing in laundry, but only until it's time to throw the chicken wings in, get the chili to a point of simmer on the stove, and use football as an excuse to lay on the couch and resist my urge to dive into the Pinterest world. For now, my coffee is gone, Guy's Big Bite, is ending, Joey has worked her way down the steps with a diaper that is calling for a bit of attention, and it looks like lunch will be cooked in my PJ's, my minute is up.

Happy Sunday!!

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