Sunday, October 16

Gear Shifting

I've started this post three times. The first attempt was three days ago, the second yesterday, and then today. Each one being thrown in the same direction, none with the satisfactory of having conveyed the point well, focused, or easily read, with no promises that this one with either. It happens.

The point I'm trying to direct is, there is a shifting of gears taking place in the house, one that is lower, slower, and being welcomed with open arms. My morning coffee's warmth is breathed in deeply, blankets are at hand to cover the feet that have yet to concede to sporting fuzzy socks full time, and I've spent some time, digging out the two pencils, one tonka trucks, and three dvd covers, that have been shoved behind the secured grate of our fireplace throughout the summer, preparing for that morning that screams for a fire to welcome it.

(No, she is not potty trained, or even being trained… this is where she can be found every time after the boys go to the bathroom…)

There's a nesteling inside of me, that's craving to be indulged in, days where pajamas are worn too late into the morning, TV watched a little too long during the day, dinners a little too comforting at night. Where snuggles are cozier, and the morning's mental notes of the day's where to be's, is notching it's way back, to a home based simple. The juggling balls of warmer weather's parks, pools, grass, and hikes, are being packed away, to be exchanged for cooler day's movies, crafts, snow, and sliding.

I've been thirsty to try new recipes, itching to wrap my neck with scarfs, and awkwardly lustful for glitter, glue, and anything that it can be poured onto.

As ready as I am for the days to slow, today is a mix of both go and stay, with two photo sessions, a patriot's team to cheer, and pumpkins needing to be carved. A perfect Sunday mix of work and play, before the air grows colder, days get shorter, and mornings woken with a fire's warms.

Here's to the start of shifting.

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