Tuesday, October 11

Weekend Lemons

For those of you who know me personally, me saying that I'm "big on energy" might be one that could fall under the category of an understatement. I'm not going to bore any of you with the details of my 'energy philosophy', but throw out the blanket statement that, I feel your inner energy, should be exported in the most productive, positive, and efficient way to better not only you in your everyday, but those who surround you in theirs.

Our four day weekend, at a wedding in Rhode Island, was a complete energy suck, and threatened my accompanied, glass half-full approach, to be kicked over, hissy-fitten stomped in, and left to evaporate in the sun.

At the time, it felt like from the moment we crossed out of Maine, all efforts were spent into turning lemons into lemonade, only to have someone come along and piss in it.

(This is our victory picture, after spending 4 hours of the day lost in RI)

Now, I can say with full conviction, that it was a weekend, I would truly due all over again, simple from what has bettered me for it. It was one that pushed an already fruitful friendship, full of history, respect, good times, and love, into one that is now secured, with appreciation, for all that it provides to the lemonade of our lives… ones that are worth the energy, helping squeeze those lemons, time and time again.

(This was our self reward, for not having been 'those girls' who lost their tempers, during someone else's wedding weekend)

I would be lying if I said, after walking through those doors last night, I didn't slam on my 'detach and retreat button', because I did. I hunkered down for today, played hooky during tonight's rec. board meeting, and only returned the phone calls I knew would take little out of me. Even so, our spare bulk freezer in the garage got turned off, spoiling the half of cow we purchased just months ago,  a 10 lb box of chicken, and melting all that was popsicled. Our dog torn open a three timed, garbaged, grease filled, deep frier, and is slippery and smelling like stale grease. But, Joey now says, "wove you" now, Calvin's been welcomely clung to my hip, and Wesley's been replaced by an impressively similar Harry Potter look-a-like, who makes me instantly smile as he struts around the house. I gulped it all down today.

(I was craving beautiful babes, and thanks to Liz & Justin, they pulled through in a big kind of way)

Tonight, my energy gage is reading low. I'm in the kind of mood, where my body is tense, mind tired, eyes strained, fingers tight, and writing vulnerable. The fact that Pandora suddenly shifted gears, throwing a little Missy Higgins my way, almost bring me to tears, means this day needs to end, which I will gladly concede to, but thankful for tomorrow's new start.

Cheers to tomorrow's lemonade.

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Jessica said...

Sam, I love the dress you wore to the wedding. So cute!


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