Monday, October 10

Winner Announced!

We just got back from a long weekend away from home. I'm not sticking around for anything more than a quick post to announce the giveawy winner. I've kept the kids up late, to give me more time to soak in all that I missed so badly while we were gone, our internet has gone out and I'm posting from my phone, and it's now time for me to play catch up, for all I didn't have time to do, while away.

This is what we left into…

With all that happened in the days between, it's needless to say, I'm happy to be back to …

Thank you all who commented on Goodnyou?'s first giveaway, and without much further ado, I'll happily announce that the comment from Jessica Rothrock, was randomly selected as the winner of their choice of the Monkey Hat or Lady Bug Hat & Tutu Set from this giveaway's sponsor, Baboo's Bin.

Please e-mail me at with which option you prefer, size you would like it custom made to, and mailing address for where it can be sent!!

Thanks again to everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow with the weekend's round up!!

1 comment:

Jessica Rothrock said...

Yahoo! SO fun! I cannot wait to see it on my girl! I love seeing your adventures with your kids and the food you cook!


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