Sunday, October 23

Sunday's Nothing

Today, brought a smorgasbord of things. It was very un-sunday like, while very much feeling rather sunday-ish. It started with a stiff neck, hot coffee, and living room turned karate ring, for the kids to 'ha-ya' there little hearts out or until someone got hurt… side note: someone got hurt, before they were 'ha-ya'd out.

(look at Joey in the back, she has her boots on her hands, as her fighting gloves)

I had to put jeans and make-up on, to go out of the house, for some last minute work, and I stumbled upon a little spot, that I am over the moon to have found. And by 'I stumbled upon' and 'have found' I really mean, when my client asked to have pictures by the pond, at the bottom on the hill by my house, I blankly stared back asking, "what pond?" then allowed her to guided me to this little bit of photography heaven. Forever claiming it as mine, no matter what the true owners have to say about it.

Mixed into all of today, we were steadying ourselves back into the routine of things at home. Even with just being gone a day, I was thankful to be back, motivated in a way that being gone does, and so scattered with my thoughts of all there is too do, little more than my manic walking in circles was accomplished.

I have mixed feeling about whether part of this weekend was good to have been spent away. All that is involved with going… staying in a hotel, eating from a vending machine, swimming in a pool, spending time with family in a new setting,  the long day in the gym, two energy filled siblings, refusing to be detained, a long dark drive home, with an overtired crying baby, is more than worth watching Wesley give us even more reason to make us proud of all he is capable of…. it would all settle a little easier, if it weren't for the none existent appreciation that quickly poured from this same eight year old, that pointed out all that we didn't do, should have done, or all the unhappiness that came with it.

Unfortunately for you, I'm processing it all. Fortunately for you I'm too tired to spew it at you tonight. The gist of it is, I'm leaning toward to side of over analyzation and the ripple effect on how to approach, what I'm chalking up as an age related hurdle, so I can provide a slightly scathed, minimally traumatized, productive, functioning citizen to this world.

Today came to a close with halloween costume tweaking, storing away porch furniture, eating nacho's for supper, accidentally waxing a whole strip out of the middle of my eye brow, 'researching' recipes for this week's challenge of all new dinners, and realizing that for starting a post with nothing to say, I've said a lot…..of nothing.

Happy Week's Start!!
More focused, 'something' writings, to come… I think.

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