Saturday, November 24

DIY: Wine Cork Ornament

I saw this original Pinterest idea {here}. It took me to an Etsy site that no long had the product available.

Fortunately for me, every time I open a bottle of wine, I throw the cork into a jar on the counter. I figuring something would come along that I would be able to use them for…

Well…something has come along…..and my plan is to attach these ornaments to the bottle's of wine I'm giving out this Holiday season, with a few being tucked away in the packages being sent out to some close friends.


All I did…

-Cut a champagne cork in half {giving you two 'heads'}
-Angle cut the bottom of a wine cork so it's easier to glue on the 'legs'
-Hot glue gun {with clear glue} the arms & legs
-Puff paint two eyes and a mouth
-Glue wreath twine on top, to be hung from.

I've thought about braiding some yard and adding a scarf.
I've thought about adding a little black top hat.
I've thought about puff painting a speedo on him.
I've thought about keeping them all for myself.

Now start popping those tops, Christmas is coming!!

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