Friday, November 9

Support The Good

Next weekend Nate and I have plans to head out of town for the night and mark the last few things off of our Christmas list, before the rush of the Holidays start in the stores, before we have to pay 100x more in shipping for anything to be here in time, before my stressed emotions are high, panicked, and ramped …

Let me just stop here, take a minute, and bask in how serene this little escape sounds.

Well, how it sounds and the reality of how it will play out, are two different things… Translation..
Nate and I have plans to head out of town, where Nate will tag along with me, while I stress about finding the last few things on my Christmas list. I will be thankful the kids are not pulling me in every direction, but annoyed with my husband's scoffing and have low patience for fielding questions like "do we really need this?", "who is it even for?", "it's how much!?" and "how many bags of Peanut Butter M&M's are you going to eat?".

I'll be mentally talking myself down from flicking him in the forehead when he makes comments like "there really isn't that much work to pulling off Christmas" and I'll find myself heavy sighing when he grabs crazy "Dad gifts" off the shelve like sling shots, oversized bottles of glittery mess, crafts that are too involved, and devices that have over 1,000 impressions of the most disgusting of bodily functions…

Between you and me, my suspicions are that he does these things purposefully, knowing it's just a matter of time before I instruct him to go find a bar stool somewhere and a TV with a sports event on it, and when I'm ready and done, he will be beckoned upon, to do the lugging.

It's what we do… Kinda our thing… Christmas tradition, if you will.

Unfortunately, the reality is, box stores are inevitable on some levels… Legos need to be purchased, baby dolls need to be loved, and batman's collected.

And though our views may differ on what exactly goes into "pulling Christmas off" it's important to the both of us that we do our part to cater our Christmas gift giving around homemade, local, and small business.

It's more important for us to teach our kids quality vs. quantity through the homemade, investments into our own community with local, and support the passion and drive of other's making their happy, through small business.

I wanted to share a few links from some of the businesses we are supporting this Holiday season and encourage you to at least make an effort to do the same, with a few of your gifts, from those who are self driven, passion chasing, big pond, little fish, swimming, family supporting, small business doing.

We've got some DIY homemade gifts playing out in the next couple of weeks too.
I'm excited to share, so stay tuned.
Happy Friday!

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