Monday, November 5

Slowing Down & Catching Up & A Bit Of Business

This morning I'm feeling lazy… perhaps it's because I don't have coffee and am trying to compensate with tea. I don't think it's working…. at all. I've entertained the thought about skipping my own breakfast and letting the kids eat poptarts for theirs…simply because they can get those themselves and require no effort from me.

 I wont do either one of those, but the thought is somehow comforting right now.

This weekend we did nothing. We had no where to go. No commitments to any obligations. No expectations of our days. It gave me a minute to realize that November has started.. not only is November here, but we're 5 days in… How did that even happen?


It always feels like this time of year comes to a drastic halt and things slow down, at least for a few weeks. I'm not complaining because I need things to slow down, so I can catch up on all the things I need to have done, before the next rush of go.

My computer has been in a constant state of picture upload and image placement the last 4 days. Shutterfly had a 50% off their photo book sale over the weekend, I couldn't pass it up, considering a majority of my Christmas presents are photo books.

In the process of organizing for this year's photo books… I also stumbled upon these photos…


I realize that Shutterfly will continue to have great saving deals on their site up until Christmas, but I'm not a last minute person, in fact I've already designed and placed my first batch of Christmas cards to be sent out this year… {Speaking of Christmas cards, I was a guest blogger over at another blog It's ALL Good In Mommyhood, giving a few tips on taking your Holiday Christmas card photos. You can check it out HERE}

I've also been cleaning up around here a bit…There are new sections on the left for you to follow Goodnyou? on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.


I'm trying to make it more user friendly and added a new section for recipes that will hopefully make things more direct. You can check it out on the side bar, top bar, or HERE… I'm looking for some new recipes for this holiday season… though the tried and true are great, there is only so much pizzaz Buffalo Chicken Dip can give off.
Stay Tuned Foodies.


I've got a few new crafts under way too. Pinterest has a way of sucking me in this time of year and my creative juices are flowing… Beanie and I going to knock out some holiday gifts like it's nobody's business.

Lastly, I'm offering a 20% of coupon for all order that are placed in the month of November in my Etsy Shop. Supplies have been restocked and I'm ready for the Holiday rush. So use coupon code HOLIDAY20 and get your orders in now.


Ok… I think it's time I get off the couch and get the kids and I nourished to attack this day and whatever exciting adventures it brings… and by "exciting adventures" I'm just fancying up the "pulling out winter coats" task considering the fact that it just started snowing outside.

Happy Monday!

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All Good in mommyhood said...

Oh my gosh - that Dora in the toilet! LOL!


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