Thursday, November 15

Scattered Rush

I don't know where the time is going.
I honestly can't wrap my head around that next week is Thanksgiving. I'm not even sure if I've really accepted that fact that it's even November.


I understand there is an unspoken expectation that this time of year is suppose to be a whirlwind of all things do…..a constant looping mental check list, to remember to grab this, without forgetting  that…..all while being dazzling hosts, with a swift turn at being the gracious guests.


I've honed a bit of the panic, that has come along with my inability to control it all, by making listings, from the lists, I've made lists about. I think I'm suppose to have an epiphany here about making an effort to slowing it down…Enjoy the season… not fill the days with bustle, but there isn't anything I love more than the busy, scattered rush that this time of year beckons for.


That's not to say it doesn't stresses me out at times too…


I've had a pile of orders for the Etsy shop… and that isn't a complaint… true to my self form though, I'm kicking myself for all the things I've tried to "space out" in offering in the shop... now I feel like I'm playing catch up to get them finished, posted, and offered, with enough time to ship for the holiday season. {Never you mind pointing out that the above statement is an unnecessary stress I'm throwing on myself, we don't have time for that now.} 


This is where I have to admit I started this post three days ago…. put the computer down to tend to some juice spillage and the day took off from there… I opened it yesterday only to be reminded of something else while proof reading and shut 'er down again.

Even now, if I don't start to wrap things up, the likelihood of hitting the "publish" button, by the end of this day, isn't good… I can feel the caffein starting to perk in my brain and my feet antsy to get moving.


Tomorrow, Nate and I are taking off for our Bangor Christmas shopping adventure. There isn't much we have to pick up, but the things we do are contingent on a lot of our Holiday gifts being made.

I found this DIY homemade coster idea on Pinterest and I think it's going to turn out amazing… I'm also hoping my parents forgot to read this last sentence.


And with that… I'm out.
Happy Thursday!


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