Monday, March 28

The Weekend….Goodnyou?

This weekend was one of those weekends that don't come around too often or maybe it's that I don't have the right mentality to approach a weekend like this often enough. Either or, I'll take them when they come or work harder to make them happen more often.

It was the type of weekend that the events that contained it, were random, unrelated, yet blended smoothly and transitioned well. Saturday morning had a Sunday vibe, but Saturday's ambitions, unhurried, but busy. Sliding with cousin's, family movies watched by parents, pools swam in by kids, and a long lunch catching up with old friends.

During lunch, the preparation for my 10 year class reunion felt strange, in that, we haven't seen each other for so long, but it really couldn't have been 10 year, kind of way.  We talked about the reunion and the ball started its roll, but most importantly, the feel of old friends, who have all adopted the roll of Mumma, were now sitting around a table trading off stories of life's happening since we last left off, there was an instant comfort, sincere interest, and thoughtful conversations, only 10 years delayed.

The unexpected treasure of Saturday was the 45 minute ride back home, with Josephine and Wesley in tote, Joey slept and Wes and I talked. Van dvd unplugged and radio turned off, I listened to a little boys excitement about the things that excite a little boy. I asking question and was loving the 8 year old answers. We shared McDonald french fries as we laughed at foolish knock-knock jokes that made no sense, but made us laugh the hardest. I keep telling myself, remember this Sam, remember this, because it is the kind of moment that is so worth remembering.

As much as I wish the simplicity of that ride would carry over, true to form, when Sunday afternoon rolled around, fights and meltdown, from both the kids and their mumma, unfolded. An answer only provided underneath a tupperware container's lid. The crafts were pulled, and again, they worked their magic, quieting the house instantly, allowing the creativity to flow from the bodies hosting beautiful souls. Glitter glue pens cascading their colors across bright felt paper cut to be shaped like eggs, soothes the house that was once in an aggravated state…

but crafts can only do so much.

Sunday night's frustrations that stem from pulling in the reigns to regain control on the routine of the week ahead, was matched with a feverish teething baby, willful toddler, and an every excuse in the book not to go to bed brother.

The hiss from a freshly opened coffee can this morning, told me the week is new, there are things to get done, and another weekend ahead worth working toward.

Happy Monday!

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