Thursday, August 4

Good Comparison

It's human nature to compare yourself to others… it's also in my nature to make a blanket statement like that, without me conducting a sociological study, producing a physiological thesis, or even reading up on someone else's follow through, to back my little 'fact' up. But stating it firmly, like I know what the hell I'm talking about, with the fullest of conviction, simple makes me feel better about myself. Being able to dismiss it as one of the unavoidable natural parts of my being is a comforting thing.

I don't really know if it's human nature, I can only assume that it's in the nature of some humans, because there has to be some underlining push to make yourself more successful, more patient, more tolerant, or more driven, by comparing your areas of weakness to whatever you perceive as other's strength. What I do know about my nature, when I feel overly underachieved, it's my instinct to compare to other's gracefully handling their successes.

Today, is just one of those days where I question, is this the time, I've bitten off more than I can chew, is my plate too full and my focus too scattered.  Every so often, I fall into the trap of comparing myself to those, who can.just When I completely focus on the people who not only are 'doing it all' but are doing it precisely, easily, and steadfastly, is the time I choice to disregarding the reality that they very well could have laundry backing up, a garden unweeded, a lawn not yet mowed, clutter in their cupboards or a van that smelling like stale graham crackers, musty wet shoes, with the underlining hint of forgotten juice cups.

My 'tackle it' plate is sometimes overwhelmingly big, normally with an appetite to match, but other times my efforts are laborious. When my ambitions are low, naturally, I raise my standards in my approach to achieve the statues of the do-it-aller, the continuous multi-ball juggler, the involved stay at home mother who is grabbing life by the horns, teaching responsibility and handling life lesson's gracefully along the way, the one who isn't stressed with the not done, because is so focused on the accomplished do's, the person compared to, not the one comparing, the life lover who works hard, to play hard, secured it my self growth and unfazed by the shadow of the unattainable.  To thrive in the mundane, laze into overdrive, and fill it all with the thoughtful efforts of the little, while soaking in as much of life's all…  being sidewalk chalk savvy, with the clean van and a trashy DVR education wouldn't hurt either.

Human nature or not, it's my nature, and like every time before, it's time to step back, prioritize and game plan it out. At risk of sounding like the cross between Dr. Phil and Martha Stewart... comparing yourself to people you feel successfully approach areas of your shortcomings <in a health way of course>  is helpful in working toward being a better you, is a good thing…<---- warning: another 'fact' written with conviction, my friends

And I do love me some good things...

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