Thursday, August 18

Random Unloads

The one thing the last few days have not been, is structured, and I'm loving every bit of the nothing of it all.  We had our power go out on Sunday, and my bed side clock has been flashing the incorrect time ever since. The nights sleep end, when little bodies wake, and usually those bodies just nestle in closer for morning snuggles while "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" is being read , with awakening brown eyes requesting, "just one more time" and random burst of energy are spent lunging for the all to fearless diapered beauty, who finds it too funny to be saved from bouncing off the bed. Only to be encouraged, by nervous, feverish, giggles from her oldest brother whose loving the defiance that brews in his sister.  It's been the perfect way to start the days this week, and I'm more than savoring every bit of it.

Right now, Joser is teething her molars threw, and not fairing so well in the process. Calvin, has learned the art of talking back, and has come out with gems like, "no, YOU pick it back up.", "geez'em crow, Samantha" with threats of "punch me back, Bubby, and I'll call Mumma" thrown in the mix.  And Wesley, is finding there is safe grounds for justified retaliations in defense of a pesky little brother, which he likes. He's not so keen on the fact these are common grounds for the retaliations against provoking older brothers too.

Between throwing the load of laundry from the wash into the drier, I stood and quickly stuff my mouth with 4 tootsie rolls, before the kids realized I was missing…

I've been way off my cooking game this summer. I am as giddy as can be that tonight marks the third night of sit down meals, that are complete meals, mind you. Not the too often eaten summer meals of, hot dogs or burgers with no sides.

But, I've got to give my Uncle Tom, 100% credit for this little tasty bit to jolt me back on my game… and with giving full credit to the one who brought this into my life, I expect my Uncle to also carry this brunt of the blame, for my new addiction to this Naan bread, pesto spread, tomato & mozzarella topped deliciousness.

Seriously, I can't eat it enough…. just look at it…

And that's all it is… Naan bread brushed with olive oil, thrown on the grill, topped with pesto, tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella, left on the grill long enough to warm it all up and melt the cheese a bit (which isn't too long) and topped with pepper & salt (if you use pre-made pesto, you might want to ease up on the topping salt)

Speaking of something worth eating, have you ever roasted beets? Peel them raw, cut them up (beets take forever to cook, so cut them puppies up small), toss them around in veggie oil, salt, & pepper… roast at 400* for 20 minutes or until tender… You wont want to eat beets any other way… no flavor bleed out during boiling… no hot beets to work the skins off of… no water wasted…

(warning: pink hands happen)

wait..what? what's that scrumptious looking delight next to the beats on the plate? oh… only an avocado filled with the most amazing tomatoey concoction ever… found over at this equally amazing site, run by the Pioneer Woman…check it… ASAP.

I haven't been taking many personal picture this week. With Pioneer Days last week and two sessions to kick the week off, I've been lackluster in making my shutter snap other wise. <--- That's not a complaint… because work is good, more importantly, really fun.

So that's all I've got for tonight. This week has been a welcomed slow and inactive, but the tides a'turnin' quickly next week.. until then.. allow me to end a random post like this, with an equally as random picture.


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hoLLy said...

wow, that pesto tomato mozzarella pizza(or pita or whatever it is!) looks uh-mazing! i love anything with pesto..its the best.

love all of your pics and your kiddos are cuties! hopped over from blogfrog...and i'm a new follower! (through blogger) hope you'll stop by my new blog and follow me back :) its a new family fun review site(reviews from a mom's perspective). looking for guest contributors too... :) thanks!


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