Thursday, August 11

Steady As We Go

I think last night, there was a collective sign of relief that rippled through the town. We've reach the half way point of the town's yearly Pioneer Days. And up until now, the focus as been, just reaching the pageant, with many fillers through out the days prior, keeping us fully involved.

It's like when I'm running.. I break down my focuses… sights set on the goal that marks my half way point, to turn back and head home.. once I've reached it..a satisfactory breath is drawn in deep, a pivot turned, and the momentum restored, to head for the finish.

This week, each year, is the one big thing that goes on in our little town, during the summer. I feel it's not only important to support those who are putting the work into making this week happen, but to also be a positive contributor in both spirit and participations.

{Big thanks to Janet, for stealing my camera and capturing most of these amazing shots.. Thanks again!}

Personally, I can say, today's approach was purely willed, and my house looking like an art project exploded and has been leaving a beckoning reminder of all there is still to do in it's ruble, bringing the heaviness of the compiling stress of doing it all with it… and I was feeling the pressure bearing down. That was until, while on a run with my friend Stef, we got caught in a torrential(<-- possible exaggeration) down pour, but a down pour none the less. I was left with no other option than to take it all in, laugh like a fool about it, and practice my new approach on being present in the 'here'.

And though I came home to the same art spewed mess, to this list of 'do' being just as long, I feel right now it's time to unrush my stride, know the finish is inevitable, my focus needs to be present, and that run in the rain, was humbling enough to remind me, that it's all about the journey.

And tonight… our journey requires that we eat s'mores.

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