Monday, August 22

Today's A Wasted Hurrah

I would like to be reporting on this post that we have eased gracefully back into the routine of school. I would even settle with being able to say that we've started the ball rolling in the whole early bird catches the teacher's gift apple, worm, direction. We're not even close to being there, and until the threat of "you've got school tomorrow!!" can be thrown around… the process wont even be started.

I don't mind that, we'll live every late night up, we'll relish the later morning sleeps, and we'll fill our days with whatever we feel like doing at the time, moments. (<----- mental note: I will be complaining about the struggles and frustrations of getting back on track this school year, approximately 6 days after school starts.. and I'm pretty sure I will try to pawn it off as being all the kids fault.. feel free, not to point this out to me) I'm not yet surrendering to summer vacation's end and I've got big plans for this week… I will not go down without a fight… that would simple be out of character.

With that said, at risk of sounding very surrendering to summer vacation's end…I'm overly satisfied by this summer, and all that it has taught us. I feel like Nate and I were successful in deepening the rivets to the values, that we see as important characteristics. That efforts are worth making, to spend time, with the ones who are important to spend time with... working hard justifies playing hard...and a day 'wasted' is one that needs to be appreciated for just that.

This weekend we did a little of it all. We swam, we BBQ'd, we had fires, we eat s'mores, we spent time with family, we back to school shopped, we ran through sprinklers, and picnicked outside. This morning, the skies are dark, the winds are strong, and the rain is pouring. The kids are sleeping, the coffee is brewing, and I am more than ready to spend the hours, baking cookies, watching movies, and not rushing any of it. I'm not trying to avoid the inevitable, in fact I am looking forward to the structure school will bring, but that day is not today.

Today, we will burry ourselves in a 'wasted' day. A perfect way to continue with our summer vacation's last hurrah.

Happy Monday!


Karen Dawkins said...

Ohhhhhh please, let me be your kid!!!!
AND please don't let my kids see this post -- EVER!!!!!!

They went to bed early. They are pulling weeds in the garden this last Monday morning of summer. And I'm blog hopping. I am one bad mommy!!!!

Though I am headed to the kitchen as soon as I hit the post comment button to cook an old-fashioned country style breakfast: eggs, grits with cheese (southern livin') and bacon with fresh fruit from the farmer's market.... redemption? maybe? a little bit???

Karen Dawkins said...

BTW, I'm your newest follower -- and huge fan -- from Blog Frog, Joyful Jungle Community.

Looking forward to knowing you better!!!



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