Monday, August 1


There is no denying the contentment I feel at the ocean's side. It's more than the relaxation that comes with mindlessly shifting your feet through the sand or the feeling of life's tension knots getting methodically worked out of your shoulders from every therapeutic knead of the wave on the shore. It's more than the intoxication of the air's salty bite or blanket like comfort of the sun's, breeze countered, rays.

It's a settled feeling, that is compared to the compliancy of home.

I tell myself, if the setting of this past week, were to become my everyday, the beach wouldn't be so alluring, the ocean would be less appreciated, and the air would eventually loose it's flavor… right?… right…right.

 The reality is, we won't live on the beach, at least not anytime soon, but that didn't stop me from spending a week, pretending that we did. I dug my feet in the sand, I was pacified by those waves, in turn, falling more in love with it all…

{this is joey's new smile… i call it the 'popeye'}

The thing that is so great about this week's retreat, is that it's spent with family that knows the importance of spending time with each other. Yes, they are the same people that make Christmas, Thanksgiving, and July 4th so great, but this time around, we can sit… and talk, about nothing in it's entirety, without the rush of it ending in a day. We talk, we laugh, we listen, the silence is comfortable, and the the conversations are full.

Home, isn't there, it's here and I'm more than ok with that, because here is pretty great, and despite the delay, of the inevitable responsibilities of reality, we're home, and I'm glad for it.

but we sure did love it, while we live it.

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