Thursday, November 10

Blame It On The Day Light Savings

So things have been busy in that, 'weather changing' kind of way. We've had two weekends in a row with nothing planned, and a third working it's way toward us. I've taken the last week to get the tedious nonsenses around the house in order, mentally pie charting all that there is to be done in slices appropriate for there importance, and after having a surprise swoop in from a Grandmother, stealing the littles for a few hours yesterday, I'm feeling rather collected and in control this morning as I'm sipping my coffee.

This morning the efforts of getting out of bed were a chore. Adele set fire to rain three times, as I hit snooze just as many. I've been burning the kid candles at both ends it seems, the kids sleeping has been off, and never in a consistent way, more in a devised plan that the kids have come up with on their own, as a systematic rotation of after hour neediness, where Wesley take cares of the mornings with his 5:15 wake ups and Joser and Calvin have the nights covered with late night couch jumping, key board poking, and glasses swiping. Leaving me little, to no time, to gather any thoughts toward Christmas, writing, or any reprieving 'Me' time to catch up on all that is trashy on TV. Even though this is two weeks running, I'm blaming it on Day Light Savings, because he's not really that great at defending himself.

I'm also blaming a few slip up in my parenting approach on the ripple effect on little sleep, focused days, and again…. Day Light Savings…... Sunday, after listening to Calvin and Wesley tattle over looking at each other and provoking one another with toys thrown in 'general directions' of the other, being just a few of the many taunting's of the day, I hit my wall, and from the bottom of the steps I yell, "Boys! STOP! IT!" only to be countered with a "BUT HE…." and I cut in with the regrettable response of, "I! DON"T! CARE!!!!!!!!!!!" …… I told my boys, I didn't care about what they had to say…. how mean is that!? Apparently it hasn't effected them the same as me, because here it is Thursday, and I still got an instant pit in my stomach just typing it. Them, the fighting didn't stop and hasn't since.

Tomorrow, we have a day off from school, we are heading to my parents for Chinese, and possibly a girls only shopping trip in the works with Mom, Joey, and I. *fingers crossed* There are so many crafts that I want to do with the kids, but I feel like Wesley's time home has been minimal, I'm in the hunt for the most perfect advent calendar idea, and there are little homemade special, I've got to start to get underway. It's this kind of 'weather changing busy' that I could bury myself in completely, obligated movie nights, all that I want to get done, is fun stuff, and the deadline is in two month, with no one's expectation to live up to, other than my own… and those, I keep to myself.

I feel like this post is rushed, and if it's translating that way, I apologize… I've had 20 minutes between Wesley leaving for school, and the sound of Calvin starting to rustle in bed, to attempt to gather my thoughts and I have yet to have enough coffee in preparation of Josephine to be awake.

{Let it be known the tooth is still in his mouth}

Until next time,

Happy Thursday!

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ADH said...

OMG! I had the same feeling a couple weeks ago (yet I continue to scream at the top of my lungs I! Don't! Care! on a regular basis...lmao...I see everyday Hayley and Brady are together why I am an 'only child' lol :)


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