Friday, November 4

Winner Announced

I imagine I would be able to state my level of exhaustion in a more elegantly literary way…. if I wasn't so exhausted. This week, I've been Revamping my days with an over ambitious task accomplishing days. I broke it all down, LL Cool J style, listing out my daily do's, attacking each with the wrath of a women scorn, fused with the motivation of a marathon runner… or the motivation I would imagine a marathon runners needs… personally, this doesn't come as first hand knowledge.

{This is us cutting out naps}

Early sounding alarms, kick off the start to mornings, filled with bathroom's scrubbed, van's vacuumed, floors mopped, groceries gotten, laundry rotated, nick-nacks sorted threw, spaces organized for primal utilization, afternoons dedicated to kid to play with, lego cities to build, and Mr. Potato heads to disfigure for the simple satisfaction of being able to say "Look… I'm Picasso!" in my best botched Mr. Potato Head voice. Throw some after school Pee Wee coaching into the mix, and I've completely underestimated the sever exhaustion come Friday night.

Unfortunately for my family, I've just crossed that fine line between complete and useless exhaustion, to giddy, manic, bouncing off the walls exhaustion… Fortunately for you, I'm going to ditch out of blogger before you become victim to anything this state of mind might bring…

But before I do the winner of this month's giveaway is….Drum roll please….. *insert me drumming my fingers on the counter*Angela Cilley *insert ground of applause here*… Angela, I would tell you to send me an e-mail with your information, but I will message you on Facebook instead, and attach our 'many months late' Happy Wedding card, with your winnings!! 

Thank you all again for participating and I'm hoping something very special will come along for December's giveway… stay tuned. 

Until then… 

Happy Weekend!

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