Saturday, November 26


It wouldn't be a complete truth if I stated that I haven't been the most motivated today… it wouldn't be the complete truth if I stated I've been the most lazy either. This seems to be the case for the last few days, it's as if I'm stuttering all day long, finding my mojo and then losing it just as quickly.

In the spurts of task focused, I'm ready, I'm there, doing what I do, whirling in a productive whirl with a thought processing list making mentality to match. And as if a light has been switched, I'm down again, nestled on the couch, reading my book, snuggling my babies, with the only recurring though being "… now what was it I should be doing instead?"

It's weird, this week being a holiday week, has caused me to feel a bit left of center...I've got this sense of 'catch up' about me…piles of papers on the counter, yesterday's laundry left 'til tomorrow, dinners that have been very lack luster, and projects awaiting to be tackled... yet… this passive attitude of 'it all can wait' has streamed into my ora and I'm just as uncertain, if this is a good thing.

Our day of giving Thanks was as great as ever. Family was enjoyed, friends company indulged in… I felt very cliché when I caught myself saying, "We really need to get together more often!!!" but as cliché has it may have been, it was just as much sincere.

It is 100% in my nature to blame this anti-attack of the days on the fact that I've started a new book, that I'm eager to devote every extra minute to reading, but I've only started the book today, and we're at least 6 days deep into this manic reprieve.

So, it is what it is, this is where we stand….eeer… sit… curled up on the couch, a delicious red wine being advanced upon, Calvin and Wesley snuggled at my feet, and Pinterest loudly calling my name..The do-it list overwhelming, e-mails begging for some attention, all while the pantry grows even more bare, but we're in the point of stutter… until we find our inevitable stride… so stutter we will...

In the time it took me to insert the pictures for this post, Calvin has falling asleep on my lap, Joey is having a hard time settling her overtired self down, and Wesley is patiently hanging out, until it's time to start tonight's promised movie.

{our new seasonal guest, Buddy}

I'll be back Thursday for December's giveaway from Goodnyou?'s newest sponsor Second Sanctuary *yippee!*

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ADH said...

lol, I love the oven mits and tongs...they can't touch it but they HAVE to so they use those? :) haha...Erwin has yet to make his arrival this year, but we need him!


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