Monday, November 21

Weekend Round Up

I had the fullest of intentions to post this weekend's round up last night, but with in the whirl wind of events that we've found ourselves strewn across the last few days, I went to bed with a tinge of guilt for not having gotten it done, a large desire to start the new book I've been promised to get sucked into, and the overwhelming reality that if I didn't get myself to bed, there was a good chance that my exhausted state would carry over to the morning, and there was no promise of what it would bring with it.

Friday we kicked off Thanksgiving break with a play date for the littles and basketball game for the bigs. Honestly, it was the most exciting game ever. If every game we played could play out like that, I would be a happy camper, even if we lost ever one…which we did loose Friday's game…in over time… but we've now got their number for next game… which should cause them grave concern…grave.concern.

{Even though I'm the coach, I would be lying if I didn't say I screamed like a proud Mumma, when Wesley scored!}

I haven't woken up enough yet, to be able to put my feelings about this years basketball season into words, it's a mixture of sadness, surprise, elation, and amazing, but for now, we're just going with that…

After the game Friday night, I went with some friends to watch the opening of "Breaking Dawn"… now I'm not one to watch the latest of the latest, let alone one that has what can only be described as a cult like following… I read the books (which may I add, I loved) and I normally wait to catch the movies looping of Showtime.. (although one time, I had New Moon on our Netflex and it showed up in the mail because I had forgotten to change our que to the kid's movie in time, and I totally used me being pregnant with Joey as an excuse to 'rest on the couch' for a few hours while the movie happened to run on the TV) … But it was nice, one of those simple refreshers, that is encouraging to make it happen more often…

Saturday was a nice mixture of morning work followed by afternoon play, where Mom and I took the kids to the High School's performance of Beauty & The Beast… I was hesitant at first with the kids, 100% expecting to leave at intermission, but with only one high pitch squeal of delight from Baby Girl,  all three of them loved the signing and dancing, during a wonderful performance.

Sunday, we had our Thanksgiving dinner with Nate's side of the family, and to stick with tradition in this time of year, we eat our faces off, and completely regretted it by the time the last bite of Nate's mother's Pumpkin Dump cake was inhaled… Then to continue with the tradition, I swore to myself, when Thursday rolled around, I wouldn't put myself through something so glutenous again… We'll see how that goes.

Right now,  I've got a little girl pecking at the key board and having her neck smoothered in with kisses as a consequence… We've got a parent teach conference with  Wesley's teach in an hour… and then Birthday party planing and Christmas present gift preparation is monopolizing the rest of the day.

I plan to make a stop in before Thanksgiving, but if I get lost somewhere between Thanksgiving prep and Karate belt testing, I want to make sure that I let everyone know, I've got an AMAZING giveaway lined up for December. I encourage everyone to participate because even those who do get a little something something.

The day is calling ….

Happy Monday before Thanksgiving!

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