Tuesday, November 15

Random Tuesday

This weekend we tried our third attempt at Christmas cards. This year was by far the hardest, thanks to a sweet little trouble maker, I'm letting off the hook simple because she's cute. It never fails for tears to stream, threats to be made, bribes to be offered, and me yelling something along the lines of "can you please try to LOOK like you're happy! IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!" Sunday I suckered, suggested my friend Stefanie come help make an impossible task possible, with the promise of Christmas pictures for her own kids too. When all was said and done, whatever I've got, we're going with, and when Nate asked how things went, my response of, "Well, my arm pits are sweating mad." pretty much sums the experience of it all up.

{Calvin had this blanket on his head and was swing it around singing "I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth"… And for that, I thank him!}

When I was asked at playgroup this morning where I've been lately, I surprised myself, with an noncommittal answer because I feel like we've been as busy as ever, but it was at that moment, it's only been in the part of process on all there is to do, my physical being, has been home, lounging with a friend in our pajamas till 1:00 in the afternoon, snuggling in front of the fire with a diapered babe, and postponing all that would relieve the stress of the season that's subtly simmering within. It was at this same playgroup this morning that I realized Thanksgiving break start at 2:27 PM, Friday afternoon... the exact time the excitement start to build in the anticipation of all that is great, about this time of year…and.all.there.is.still.to.do..

There have been more then one time, the last few days, where the kids have pulled me out of my mental list making state, to bring me back to the wonderful reality of Joey, out of the blue, crinkle nose giggling as she streaks through the kitchen, Calvin's quick one liners with the most appropriate timing, or Wesley informing me "when he has kids, he's going to let them say one bad word…. The 'F' word… you know… f-a-r-t"

There have been more then one time, the last few days, where the kids have also caused me to want to pull every bit of hair from my head. The reminder that, all of this will be missed one day, has been eagerly encouraged between Nathan and I… which is usually stated as an attempted comfort, only to be received as a panicked reality...

The craft creating, house decorating, seasonal baking parts of me are begging to be set free, there are seasonal itches screaming to be scratched, I'm working on allowing just enough excitement that this time of year brings, with acknowledging the appreciations for all there is to be thankful for, while still bring that fact that a little boy has a birthday in the middle to the focal as something that will not be lost beneath the tinsel and turkeys.

Right now, it's 9:00 PM and I don't want to jinx myself by saying that this is the earliest all the kids have been in bed and asleep for weeks, so instead I'm signing off here, to redirect me to the growing lists that fill my notebook, reminding me of gifts to buy, crafts to make, party ideas to filter, recipes to try, cards to be sent, and none suspecting gift getters to remember.

Until next time…

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

this blog is too similar to kelle hampton's blog ???

Sam said...

Ah thanks that's so sweet, I do love reading a Kelle Hampton post or two when I get a minute… which unfortunately isn't as often as I would like… but to compare our two blogs, though flattering, is like comparing roses and oysters… Thanks for the comment and I appreciate you reading..

Anonymous said...

No...I meant that it seems like your blog is a copycat version of hers.
Not a bad thing cause I love Kelle's blog, so do thousands of others.

Anonymous said...

just re-read my message and didn't want to seem so blunt....I apologize.....just think that you blog is very similar , that's all.

Sam said...

No worries at all…I can understand where our layouts would be the same, most photographer's blog are… don't want to hide those details of the pictures we love to take!! All I know, is I'm hoping to freeze time for a bit, so that my kids (and who am I kidding, myself, for when my house is empty of busy bodies) will be able to look back and remember all the details of the every day that too easily can be forgotten… If that's throws my blog under a copycat version of someone else, and long as I'm true to myself and accurate in my details, then I will happily be dub me a copycat!!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving week and indulge in all that great about this time of year… and for your sake, I hope whereever you are, it's warm!!!!


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