Tuesday, November 1


Last night's trick or treating was a success. The kids got a pleasing amount of candy and we were home by 6:30. Win. Win.

Sister caught on real quick how this whole trick our treat thing works, which is no surprise to any of us, run to door, give a crinkled nose smile, get some candy, say 'Tank' {her Thank you}, bask in all the praise an adorable Dalmatian, who uses her manners, gets, then bustle after your brothers to the next lighted doorstep, to do it all over again.

I love Halloween, differently now, then I did as a kid. Then, I loved the challenge of candy collecting. One year, my best friend, who I'll call Kelby… {because her name is Kelby}... dressed up as a two headed monster. After we hit what seemed like 6 houses, I found out Kelby didn't have the same goals of achievement, before curfew as I did… Which resulted in me dragging her energy less, practically sleeping body through the streets of Houlton. In hind sight, I realize how selfish that was of me… but also how it must have added a realistic element to our two headed monster representation. Lose.Win.

The funny thing about it is, I never even really ate the candy. I loved collecting it, sorting through it all, breaking down each piece into specific categories, only to shove it in my closet in my room until it was time for next year's go around.

Now, I love the excitement of the kids experiencing a day that's like no other days throughout the year. It's one of those days, I get to burry myself in so deep, to the raw fibers of my kids engulfed in all that is great about being kids. Life at it's most simplest, people rewarding people, by dressing up or candy passing. A big chocolate coated, sugar dipped, caramel drizzled, Win.

It's these calendar recognize days each year, ThanksgivingChristmas, New Years, or even the foolish reward of Valentine's Day, that highlight what I try and work into the simpleness of our every day. It's also these times I try to set in place as much yearly tradition as I can fathom. I want to do it all, the little and the bigs throughout the year, to cement 'remember when' memories. I want to throw reindeer food on the lawn, jazz up the simplest of basic meals because it's Wednesday, make the ordinary…extraordinary…sneak notes into lunch boxes, make time to see those you love, because they are worth the effort, fight over who breaks the wishing bones, and celebrate the littlest of things in the slowest of day...all the while fueling the fire of kiddish energy now, so the embers still burn well into the years of busier schedules, less parent centered days, and non-beliving times, because things are just more fun when we do.

{This morning someone puffed baby powder all over the bathroom… the jury is still out, but I have my suspicions}

Which leads me into this month's giveaway, a month that heightens everyone awareness of all that there is to be thankful for. Laced in with all that was said above, I think it's important for Nate and I to raise our kids in an environment that is positive, supportive, and silver lining seeking… fortunately for me... Nate's in agreement with this. Thankfully we are surrounded by family and friends who know the importance of supporting each other, in being the happiest, healthiest, fulfilled 'you'.

Recently, we've started to reiterate these values around our house, with pictures of our surrounding and family, accompanied by important positive encouragements. It's also important to me, that these images/quotes happen in raw, organic ways… moments that aren't stage, but pure life moments, bring greater deeper meanings to Nate and I, and hopefully as they grow, them. Our newest addition is displayed at this month's Blog header, a moment of us heading out to try get a 'jump on Christmas card pictures' and two brothers grabbing their sister's hand, who was having trouble walking in the snow…I was just lucky enough to be the last one out the door, to catch them in this moment. Big Proud Mumma Win.

{Sharing my too frequent olive breakfast with my daughter for the first time.. WIN!}

Hanging above our monthly calendar is this one…

An 8x16 stock board print, of a sunset over Mr. Katahdin, with an Abraham Lincoln quote…

Because I'm always looking for new traditions to make each year the best year it could be, comment below telling me about something that brings ordinary into extraordinary into your house… to win this print yourself. The free Tutu & Hat were a hard act to follow, but I wanted to giveaway something a little more personal from me. {If you're on Facebook, become a fan or share the link on your page, and I'll enter you into the random drawing that way too.}

I'm looking forward to reading what everyone does, and adding them into our family's year and hopefully other's will find some new idea's too!

Mine is, my new found love of adding food coloring into the pasta's cooking water… You can now guarantee any special occasion there will be pasta served!

Happy November 1st!


Anonymous said...

Sam, love the green spaghetti! As usual, great pictures too and I feel the same way about Halloween other than I always ate my candy!
Karen M

Nate said...

I'm the winner, clearly...

The Real Nate

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE the food coloring idea and will be trying it at the daycare very soon! I have stacks and stacks of fun food cookbooks but have never come across that one. Thanks for sharing and Brady and I will see you soon!


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