Tuesday, January 17

Lost Week From Here

It's been over a week since I've made an entry. I wish I could say that it has been because I've been caught in the whirl winds of life, that I've been spinning in the wake of all that being a mom/wife/friend requires, with little time to think about all the extra... let alone pay any attention to it. Though there are many times I find myself disheveled and left unbalanced when those winds start to blow, this time around, that is not the case at all, the days have been just as full as any, but I've been acutely aware of my lack of posting, as a matter of fact I've been spending a majority of my energy not only avoiding it, but convincing myself that avoidance is not only something to feel OK about, but somewhat necessary.

I refuse to write in a negative way… that's not to say that I wont grumble about my bad days, complain about the kids forgetting I have any authority, or vomiting my distaste for the events that make me feel that I am failing, in every sense of the word, as a mother/wife/friend.

I'm strong in believing that those who bring negativity in your life often have the best lessons to learn from… that doesn't mean the lessons are ones that are easily weathered, casually managed, or temper suppressing. With that said, here isn't where I want to be used as a platform for me to call people out, voicing my displeasure for those who make things more challenging for me than not... Here is where I want to write down the words of our everyday, noting the lessons that are learned within them… finding refuge in the here, by putting a sense of perspective to the whole hind sight situations.

So when I found myself in the focal points of those whose intentions are unsavory, my gut screamed for me to stay away from anything that involved any public publishing of any raw emotions. Most certainly in a place like here, where I find reflection therapeutic in this non-adulteration arena…

And my gut being the one thing I've learned to trust the most, urged me to burying myself in to the people that can easily counter the negative ones and that is what I did, unfortunately more detached from certain areas, more secure in others, and pleasantly surprised by some.

With a weeks absence, there comes a week of photo back up and with a weekend spent at a mini-vaca with Nate's side of the family, my intentions are to be back tomorrow with a weekend round-up.

Until, then…

Happy Tuesday, even though it feels like a Monday!

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