Monday, January 23

Random Is As Random Does: Recipes

Things have screeched to a halt around here lately, and that isn't stated as a complaint at all. The calendar isn't marked so heavily that it's bleeding into the next months already booked days. In fact, the typical busy 'go to's and 'get there's filling up my book, have been replaced with more blank whites than marked blues… unless you count the newly composed meal menus that I'll be experimenting with in the kitchen the next few days…

If any of you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that I tried my hand at homemade Orange Chicken last week…I didn't really have a recipe, so like most time I cook, I made one up… and I must say, it turned out amazingly amazing… and to add a little surprise to all this amazement, I actually wrote the recipe down…

Orange Chicken

Chop up boneless chicken into bite size pieces and marinate for 20 minutes or so in a combination of -2 TBS Rice vinegar -2 TBS Soy Sauce -2 tsp sesame oil.

Make it easy on yourself and mix together the sauce while the chicken is marinating.
-1/2 cup broth {next time I think I'm going to use orange juice} -1/4 cup soy sauce -1/4 cup rice vinegar
-1 TBS Sherry cooking wine -1 TBS grated ginger -2 TBS corn starch -1 TBS sugar -1/4 cup orange marmalade

Batter chicken in 1 cup of flour, 2 TBS corn starch, 2 TBS garlic powder, 1 TBS ground red pepper
Shallow fry the chicken in canola oil & drain on a towel.

I threw some onions, carrots, and celery into the same pan I used for the chicken, saute a bit but still remain crunchy {next time I'll throw garlic in too, but wasn't forward enough in thinking to chop it up before hand. You could add pineapple too, but Nate hates pineapple and this may or may not be a really big deal to me}

Pour the already mixed sauce in with the veggies and let bubble until it thickens, thrown in the chicken, coat with the sauce, and spoon over rice… or eat directly from the pan…the choice is yours.. but we all know which one I would recommend.

This weekend called for some tried and true snacks and I'm pretty sure my friend, Becky, is going to roll her eyes at the sight of me writing about the recipe for this Bean Dip.

Side Note: Every week when we get the kids together for a play date, I mumble something about how I know I offered this dip at last week gathering {and the weeks prior, too} but this will be the last time it graces the play date table for awhile. I always plan on throwing something new and exciting her way … but then the weekend comes.. there are get togethers to go to or people to feed who stop in and this recipe is very much a crowd pleaser, travels well, and requires ingredients that I always have on hand. It also makes a ton, which leaves plenty left over for the days to follow and our play dates usually happen at the start of the week… hence the very frequently graced present of a few beans mixed with corn.

This weekend was no exception of the necessity of the Bean dip, we had friends over yesterday to share in the Patriots game celebration. So of course, it was game on in the kitchen as well… so consider this your warning Becky, that this very well may be at your disposal for the 4th week running.

Bean & Corn Dip {though I think it's really called Texas Caviar}

Now it's a recipe that my mom got from my aunt… and like many recipes that come my way, I'm not sure if they reflect the original very consistently…but this is my 'more consistent than not' recipe…

Mix together in large bowl:
-1 can of pinto beans {drained} -1 can of black beans {drained} -1 can of white corn {sometime I use the mexican corn} -1 small can of chopped green chilies {of chopped up jalapeno peppers}  -1 small diced red onion -1 small diced bell pepper -3 Table spoons of chopped cilantro {I'm not big on cilantro so if I have it, I throw it in, if I don't, I'm an all around happier person}

In small pan heat until sugar dissolves: -1/3 cup oil {veggie, olive oil, whatever} -1/3 cup rice vinegar -1/3 cup sugar {I usually never use that much}

When dressing has cooled, mix in with bean/corn mixture, the longer it sits the better it is, so if you can make it a few hours or the night before.

BBQ Chicken Nachos

Fry up some chicken, coat with BBQ sauce, layer tortilla chips, BBQ chicken, salsa, shredded cheddar cheese, black olives, diced onions, and sour cream… It's so delicious that after I put them down on the table, I almost didn't' get a picture of it, before they were all gone.

{I have a recipe for homemade BBQ, but I'm not sharing that part now. The last time I made a big batch of it, I tucked this little recipe treasure away and can't remember exactly where I put it… but when I find it… you'll be the first to know}

We are very much enjoying the less than rushing of our days, I know myself well enough to know, I'm unable to stay ideal for too long. I can already feel myself getting restless to start a new project that's way over my head, bite off more than I can chew in an area I have little experience in, or throw just enough of my plate, that when this recessing lull is over, I look back and curse myself for my own antsy-ness.

Until then, I'm going to try out a little steady as we go approach, while rearranging a little girl's room, participating in crying at Beauty & The Beast, cleaning out a few cupboards, and experimenting with a little Thai Curry Soup.

Happy Monday!

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All good in mommyhood said...

Ok, first and foremost - GOOOOO PATRIOTS! I am in Giants country...which is good enough...but I am a Pats girl!!! great game!

LOVE your pic of your daughter in Target...Its like watching my life!

And wow - that orange chicken looks amazing! xo


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