Sunday, January 1

A Last Minute New Year

I fully intended on entering a post before the new year started… one to throw the last of the Christmas pictures on and wish everyone a safe and happy New Year's celebration… Since my last post, I've spend a great deal of mental energy in trying to convincing myself that our friends wouldn't be able to make it up for the weekend, the stars would not aline, they would not be able to help us ring in the new year, which would leave me with plenty of time, on Saturday, to finish up a last year's entry.

My reverse psychology trickery worked like a charm… Friends arrived on Friday and between drinking bloody mary's in the morning, cooking both breakfast and lunch in my pajamas, taking names in Wii's "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and going to bed 43 minutes shy of the new year's ball dropping, unfortunately blog time could not be found.

I need to acknowledge how pathetic we must all be, that staying up until midnight is such an unachievable feat, and how it was just as ridiculous for me to talk myself out of believing that the treat of having Clay and Rachel here for the weekend, was due to me perplexing the worlds energy into securing them to be delivered safely at our doorstep.

I didn't prepare for any celebration as well as I should have… Prepared food stock was low, store runs were frequent, and anything flashing with 2012 was 100% absent.. but the amazingness of a new year's start is vividly promising and nourishingly fueling.

The awareness of how quickly 2011 ended, has never been more evident. We're a day in, and I'm already convinced that this year, is going to be one worth celebrating each moment, for the next 365 days.

With all of that said, you would think this fueling of ceasing this year's potential would some how move me swiftly from this couch right now… but if 2011 taught me anything, it's that the leisure time is just as important as the restless…. and today is the rest-full.

Happy beginning of a New Year!


Much like this weekend, I haven't prepared for this month's giveaway either… So if you leave a comment, it will enter you to win, a very lack luster, last minute giveaway of some homemade lip balm & mason jar of mandarin scented body salt scrub… (yep, that's what I've got….Goodnyou?…. but I will try to do better February!)

Kudos until next time!


Anonymous said...

first and only comment? if you woldn't mind ending the giveaway today that would be really great i love homemade lip balm! sandy r.

Deanne said...

Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

3 cheers for leisure time! As usual, I loved the photos Sam...looks like you all enjoyed bringing in the New Year with family, friends, and amazing food...aka LOBSTA!! Wishing you, Nate and the kids an amazing 2012 year ahead :) BTW....the lip balm and body scrub is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Sam I love reading your posts and looking at your pics, even though i rarely comment. Your kids are adorable and your extremely organized chaotic household always reminds me of when my own 3 were little. Enjoy them while they are young, leave the messes and love on your kids. I hope this posts!
Julie Tribou

Jessica said...

Tried some of your body scrub for the first time the other day and I LOVE IT. I am totally going to have to try making your recipe. Well Done!

All Good in Mommyhood said...

LOVE this post, the pictures were gorgeous. Happy new year!

Tracey said...

Love your blog.. I enjoy looking at your pics.. :) I miss those days when my kids were young.. Happy New Year..


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