Wednesday, January 18

Weekend Round Up

We spent this past weekend away, with Nate's side of the family, as part of a birthday gift to my Mother-in-law. We left Friday, came home Monday, and even though today is only Wednesday it feels like it was a getaway, we participated in such a long time ago.

I don't know if I'm having a hard time focusing on this weekend's events because my hands are a bit shaky from pushing myself that little extra bit on the treadmill tonight, maybe I'm less than sturdy from having just caught my breath from finally breaking through to the top of the laundry I've been submerged under since Monday night. It could be the fact that our house is engulfed in the overwhelming smell of tonight's dinner, that's making it hard to pay attention to anything else or perhaps it has something to do with two little boys who are bickering over me about who's 'not playing far' in their synced DS game that's causing this inability to concentrate. It also could very well be that I have already set my sites on that fried over ease egg, topping my extra crispy, butter smothered wheat toast, that will be finding its way in front of me come breakfast time.

If anything, that last paragraph should really drive home the certainty that my thoughts are strewn.

There are four things that I do know about this weekend… 1.) My MIL and I easily found our stride among discounts and mark downs at the outlet stores… 2.) I saw the tops of the kids heads, more than their faces… 3.) Cousins created more memories, while building stronger bounds… 4.) I have found an unexpected common bond with my brother-in-law over a certain fondness for whole milk. 

And because I'm still unable to retain any attention on channeling my thoughts, I'm going to buy some more time, but inserting more pictures...

{Joey jumping the gun early on the "on your marks, get set" bit… such a rebel}

Being away from our home (no matter how much fun we are having) always makes me so much more appreciative to what we are coming home to.. There is always a sense of hyper-homeyness that ignites my need for a little adventures in the kitchen, organization in forgotten nooks, and focus on thriving in areas that I've allowed to slip into lulls.

The actuality of being home right now, has found the two fighting brothers in their beds, only to be replaced by their stuffy nosed, restless, raspy couching sister…. but it's home none the less.

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