Monday, January 9

Monday's Rally

I started today off with a wicked weekend hangover. It was one of those mornings that the Monday sluggishness was in full force and all I wanted to do was bury myself deep in the couch cushions and eat my weight in savory potato hash, butter fried egg, and heavily jammed toast, while allow the kids to snuggle just as deep and watch endless amounts of Mickey Mouse Club House, while grazing on S'more Pop-tarts with a side of Captain crunch, no milk.

Today started at a code level orange for being in jeopardy of becoming wasted… and not that lazing around because you can, while enjoying down time with family, wasting, kind of way… it was in a very lack luster, going through the motions, skate through the day with little effort, where we eat crackers for lunch, wasted, kind of way… Not the wasting of a day that we experienced this weekend, but the kind of wasted day I always feel so guilty ending because it was just thrown out the window before even having been given a chance to present it's offerings.

Fortunately in a situation like this, I've got two things working in my favor…. I try to avoid the feeling of guilt as much as I try to avoid eating raw coconut and I motivate quickly…

I'll admit it's hard to rebound after the weekend we had thought… we had minimal obligations and I found myself mental checking all weekend long…

Note to self: every Friday night should have a scrabble game played

Note to self: every Saturday morning should have such ease

Note to self: Sunday afternoon's are the most perfect for movie watching and Mac & cheese eating

Note to self: experience a rush of unexpected giddy energy, from an unlikely source, is something that should be exercised every weekend… i.e. finding my first patch of collected gray hairs…rather than the random pluck-able single strays

Note to self: lasagna tastes better when the only rush in making it, baking it, and eating it, is driven by the homey warmth only a lasagna can bring

Note to self: every new week should be celebrated with glow sticks in the bath tub

{Thank you Pinterest}

Though tonight is guilt free of not having thrown away a day, due to the Monday drag… unfortunately that void has been filled with the gut busting guilt of having consumed a whole bag large portion of Sweet Potato tortilla chips while writing this post… meh…I suppose, you can't win them all...

Happy Monday!

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