Thursday, January 5

Thursday Night Ramblings

There are always a few things the new year provokes in me… The overwhelming desire to regain organization is one that can't be ignored. After spending the last 3 days cleaning out closets, decluttering the craft room, and purging out the pantries of 23 half eaten, stale, been in there for a longer amount of time than I'm willing to admit, bags of chips, a big sigh can be taken and that displaced sense of control can be restored.

The other unsettling in the New Year is my distaste for all things resolution related. I'll spare you my resolution soap box talk and move on…just let it be known, resolutions are bad bad energy… moving on...

My last year's evolution, I took the easy way out… I wanted to work on being more supportive to those that are involved in my life. I'll admit, it was like a slow pitched ball over life's home plate for me...I already know that I am the supporting type and exactly where boundaries lines lye on where I will not cross to become the enabler… This year pointed out the already known layers of support that I will unconditional be present for, but unexpectedly, what was challenged were the boundaries that are often known but not exercised …they got their workout in 2011, are now deep trenched and stronger for it...consider the home run hit…

And because I feel like speaking about one's intentions takes away from the power of their follow through, like every new year's self evolution, I'm keeping mum about this one… but I do know 2012 already has a layer of promise, and it's going to be an amazing year… I can already feel it, only 5 days in.

With the days busied with finding each thing contained in this house, it's own place, playing Mr. Potato Head, protecting Buffett from Joey's new found love of "dog pounce" and nights occupied by basketball games and karate ke-ya's there really hasn't been room for much more. I've started a new book I'm eager to read, but I've been knocked out by exhaustion every night by 10:00… lame.

{Buffett's thrilled}

The boys are at karate tonight, so Joey and I are holding down the fort… my idea of an early Beanie to bed, so Mumma can have a minute to think, has swiftly been thrown out the window by the little spit fire herself… I will plead quilting in the encouraging laughing I've participated in, but this Sister friend is getting even more of a personality than any of us thought was possible, with a large percentage geared toward hamming it up… If I wasn't so afraid of moving off the couch, I would show off some of the pictures from tonight's mischievous Madame, but she's settled at my side… and I will not be the first one to move my position… unless she's asleep… soundly…

Anyways, the house isn't the only thing I've been chipping away at cleaning up… If you'll all now draw your attention to the new badge under the "Sponsor" section, you'll notice the newest addition is Twenty2 vodka… couldn't be happier…… not only are they a small based business, making an amazing product, but their also delightfully wonderful people… and not only because I'm bias…

I've also redone the Recipe link up at the top of the page! Yay! It's a work in progress, but I think it's a bit more visually friendly! Cheers!

And before I close out… (wow… this post really has turned into a rambling one…) I want to thank all the commenters for commenting… thanks for throwing me a bone, on a not so brilliant monthly giveaway… without further ado… the winner of the lip balm/salt scrub combo is DeAnne!!

DeAnne, just send your mailing information to and I'll send your winnings out…(Or I'll just drop it off at your house on my way to town!!)

Well, Joey-Bean is asleep, the boys are almost home, and it's time for a fast-forward me time to begin!

Happy Thursday!

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DeAnne said...

Yay for me!! You can drop my awesome prize off sometime when you are going by but since my driveway is basically an ice rink you might want to wait until next week! Thanks a bunch!! Love your blog!!


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