Sunday, March 6

Grounds For Groundings

The Richardson household has been christened with it's first official "grounding"(s) this past week. The storm in the after math, never came, although my guards have not been let down yet. In typical 8 year old fashion, defiance was asserted during a time where compliance was expected. Electronic privileges lost, after-school programs denied, and the opportunity to stay over at a friends house revoked. Discussion on the repercussions of one's behavior convoyed and then in a very Donald Trump like style I concluded the whole thing with a swift and direct "You're grounded!", accusative finger point and all.

In the words of an 8 year old… "This grounding thing stuff, is not good"… no, no it is not.

This weekend our dog Buffett has also been reigned in from her foolish and often liberal behavior. Living away from town, with few neighbors, Buffett comes and goes as she pleases. Unfortunately, the one neighbor we have, has a farm, she loves the farm, and I can't blame her. But seeing as we don't have a farm, I don't want my dog to smell as if we do. Not only that, but there are certain animal bi-products that find there way back to our yard, porch, house. I would like to spare you the details as to the reason why her ability to run and play as she feels, has been restricted, so I will simply say it involved some rotten waste meat consumed from the farm, inevitable consequences of having eaten rotten meat, and a fine mess woken up to the next morning. After an very unpleasant clean up, spontaneous trip to the closest pet store, Buffett now sports a bright red wireless containment system collar, which allows her to go 90 feet away from our front door, and that is just fine by me, because this kind of grounding is oh so good.

As for myself. I've been scattered, disorganized, and have had displaced motivation. This week has made me step back, recollect and sort through, grounding me in my parenting. Knowing that we have now reached the point where Wesley has to learn the decisions that he makes have consequences, for good, and for bad. I know I need to stand back, ready to catch him when he falls, reassuring that he is still loved when he does stumble, and reminding him of the roads the easiest to travel, guide you through some of the hardest lessons. This kind of self grounding is good, but it sucks.

Things are busy and there are some new and exciting opportunities in the works. The timing couldn't be any more perfect for our family. Regaining focus is something that always grounds me, like the mingled clouds of muddled distractions have parted and the clarity of the bigger picture is revealed and comforting...

Solidifying a stronger ground, and that is great...

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