Sunday, March 20


Today was the first day of spring and I was feeling it, hard, this weather makes my ache for more. I'm realistic enough to know that it's too soon to dismiss the winter weather as over, but every fiber of my being wants it to be.

Yesterday, three friends and I left the men and children behind as we escaped for a Mom's day out. We talked our way through our lunch over the coarse of an hour and a half, at a grown-up restaurant, no plate sharing required. We went to a movie that had no animation and grown-up words, no tantrum delaying candy bribing necessary. We tried on clothes while shopping and used grown-up words ourselves, for no other reason than because we could. 
As a mother it was needed, rejuvenating, and refreshing.

Weather like this, weather like today, rejuvenates in a different kind of way. My bright flip flops counter nicely with the diligence of my snow boots, each, with a 50/50 chance of having a foot slipped into them today. The air smells of a dirty freshness, promising the accents of spring rains, and fresh cut grass, will soon follow. While visions of sprinkler runs, popsicle stained lips, and grass stained knees, danced in my head.

Rightfully, the grill was fired up for the first time tonight, after stretching it's arms and cracking its back, it roared with purpose, securing its place once again in the Richardson family.

I'm hitting this week hard. This weekend was good, just what I needed, fueling me in the final stretch. A girl's day out, refocusing me at home and today refreshing me with a glimpse of spring's light at the end of winter's tunnel.

(Holy dirty socks!)

Bring it Monday!

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