Wednesday, March 9

Random Is As Random Does

I'm having a really hard time gathering my thoughts together to put something into a coherent post. As soon as Nate gets home at 5:30, I promised to be ready so that we could hitting the road and head West for a mini family winter retreat.

Our morning was spent getting to and from Josephine's 9 month physical in Houlton and dropping Buffett off at my parents.
It is 1:30 now, I have yet to pack a thing.

Josephine is now pulling the snacks, I have managed to throw in a tote, out. Calvin is sitting on the highest counter, naked, sticking the birthday candles that were taken out of the birthday cake we had last night for my brother, into a stick of butter. Wesley will be getting home from school soon, with the fine combination of pent up school energy and excitement of going somewhere that has a swimming pool, resulting in a snarky, ill-sibling tolerant boy. All the while, my mind is jumping from what needs to be packed, to the song I feel compelled to sing playing on my iTunes, to the bills I should pay before we leave, the dishes that are dirty in the sink, the belt that is one notch too tight when I sit, the people I need to e-mail before I'm without internet for 4 days, and I think I just caught a whiff of a diaper that needs to be changed.

Yet, here I sit… writing about it all, rather than doing any of it.. Please excuse my randomness..

Josephine now hates baby food. She wants the real deal and there is not talking her out of it. I love her willingness to eat everything, but this willingness now stretches meal time out a great deal and caps it off with one of many daily bath…

I do love a good snow storm. I love the layer of comfort a cold, dreary, dark clouded day brings. An excuse to nesting down, not going anywhere, and do as we please, is just fine by me… but, we've had a lot of snow days this winter. Between, school being canceled and weather so cold, outside is no fun, this is getting old. Spring looks no where in sight, so we're doing our best to pass these snowy, bitter days…

Ohh, and a recipe. These are the kid's favorite and we have a freezer full of over-ripe bananas, ready and waiting for a random morning… afternooon… or anytime making of these Chocolate Chunky Monkey Muffins…

--1 1/2 cup wheat flour--1 cup sugar--1/4 cup cocoa (optional only b/c I usually don't have it)--1 tsp baking soda--1/2 tsp baking powder--1 1/3 banana--1/3 cup veggie oil--1 egg--1 cup chocolate chip--

--mix dry ingredients--add in wet ingredients--add chocolate chips--spoon in muffin tins--bake @ 350* for 20-25 minutes--

Trust me, you're going to want to double it..

How's that for random, poorly focused blogging? See you next week. Happy Wednesday!!

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