Saturday, March 12

Moose Camp

I always have this vision of what our family vacation will be like. I gather the magazines, that collect around the house, I have no time to read during the everyday. I think of the books I want to start and stay up all hours of the night finishing. I tease myself with the idea of 'just because' naps, and eat 'when we feel like it' dinners. I imagen fully slept through nights, followed with fun energetic, loving life days, filled with new experiences and exciting adventures, plenty of laughs, and a closer more bonded family for it.

For some reason, I thought, the talk back attitudes would change, tantrum throwing behavior would cease, and authority challenging manners would defuse, simple because we were on vacation. Before we even left, I was brought back to my reality and reality stayed. 
Between, stomping sulks, explosive NO's, and restless baby nights, we did manage to have some fun on our family vacation.

Three years ago, Nate got hooked into a bidding war on Ebay, for a timeshare week "he couldn't lose". Not for a bargain deal in a warmer climate, but simply for pride. So for 3 years now, we have owned the 10th week of the year in Greenville, Maine. It's just as cold, just as snowy, just as isolated as Patten, but it isn't Patten and it has a pool. Wesley gets a few days off from school, Nate takes a few days off from work, and I get a change of scenery…. did I mention it has a pool.

This is also the one time of the year we all go grocery shopping as a family. It's one of those catch all stores. It's like a grocery store, gift shop, hardware, rental, find anything and everything store slammed into one. Nate loves to look around at the range of everything, the kids love the freedom grocery shopping with Daddy brings, and I love the energy of it all.

We came home a day early this year, Nate and I a bit more tattered than before we left, looking forward to the reassurance for tomorrow's patience that will be found in our own bed tonight. Although this year's Moose camp didn't go as smoothly as Moose camps prior, we've grown more bonded just the same. And thanks to a few late night beer, the allure of online bidding, and an 'I'll show them' attitude, we will fortunately be able to make those memories and strengthen our family fibers again next year.

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Brenna Noonan said...

Me and my family go to the same "moose camp" that you go to every April. Relaxing but we usually come home a day early too :)


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