Tuesday, March 15


Tonight's supper was cooked, while the sun was still beaming its beautiful rays. The days feel longer, the air smells fresh, and the Richardson family grilling season is planning on kicking off this Sunday. Winter looks to be petering and spring gaining its momentum. The snow can stay for now, as long as the temperature continues to rise and the sun shares its warmth.

Spring fever is kicking in and with its rejuvenated energy, I'm excited about the busy things that are happening around here.

Photography Project
The woman, who made the quilt that has easily become part of the family, has asked me to take some pictures for her to display on her online shop. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity and have loved every minute of this perfectly wonderful project. I'm truly flattered to have been given this opportunity. Thank you again Beverly!

Airing Out
We may be jumping the gun a bit, with switching from snow boots to rain boot, but the temperature is creeping up, the gravel is now exposed, and we've been heading out the door to play. The sun's brilliancy is a bit deceiving because the air still has its bite, but it isn't 30 below with whip-lashing winds, so for that we are thankful and encouraged.

Jumping Bean
Oh, Josephine sure had been keeping me on my toes lately. First, she was climbing out of her walker, and from there, she has quickly graduated to climbing out of, on to, and into everything.

(I love this new wrinkled nose look she gives when she knows she's done something she's not suppose to, but she is way too pleased with herself not to crunch it up)

Now, she fits nicely around our dinner table in a chair all he own, and it suits her well. She's pretty impressed with herself and why this makes me beam with pride, I don't know, but it does, and I'm in love with my little girl sitting at a big table.

(look who's getting a tooth!)

Work It
How could be not make time to take advantage of a little Tutu Photo shoot?

Happy Tuesday!

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