Sunday, June 19

Aint No Thunder Gonna Hold Me Down

There are many great things about where our house was built on the land we own. A nice distance from a road that is often traveled to fast on, the security of a nice buffer from any neighbors, the energizing quietness during morning coffee, soothing lull of peepers during an evening fire, and the most beautiful Mountain, we're lucky enough to frame, by our west faced windows, and ogle at during amazing evening sunsets.

That very direct view of the mountain, also leaves us in direct line for all the marvelous thunderstorms that roll over it. I do love me a good thunderstorm... until it knocks our internet out...every 10 minutes. It's also when the internet is not connected, that I actually have time to do the things, that wave their flags of urgency, when it's not possible for me to do them. The kind of things, I tell myself I'll do this weekend, because the weekend calls for storms, and it would be a shame to waste the sun while it's out…

But with no internet, there are no pictures uploaded, no orders sent, no passport information retrieved, no important e-mails answered, no license renewed, and more summer swimsuit ordered, no new recipes found, no blogs written, no Facebook checked… curse you internet disturbing thunder storm…, I say!

It's always when the dark clouds roll in, that the house has a certain calm about it. A level of comfort that causes the kids restless energy to settle contently, my busy buzzing around self, good movie searching with a strong baby snuggle craving, and Nate's house puttering to recess for the time being. It's at these times I collect my thoughts and think of all I will do, when the storm is over, I will then be steadfast, accurate, and accomplished, doing the little tedious thing, that easily get distracted from, by the… fun.

Today hasn't started out to be the kind of day to be productive. The house is one of those messes that promise a random stop in from someone more random than that, it's almost 10:30, Wesley just woke up, I'm in my pajamas, and I've let Joser walk around with a warm jellied smeared biscuit, that I'm hoping by the time I've finished here, the dog's taste buds will have fancied the mess, I'm sure she's made, and Calvin, is being quiet… yep… it's been the start to one of those days, we're hoping to turn things around, quick-like.

We've got a lot I want to do today, a lot I need to do today, and a few Fathers worth celebrating to throw into the mix. So bring on the lightning, the rain, the storms…. today… today you can steamroll our mountain, darken our skies, rumble our grounds, because today's capping off a week that has things looking a lot like summer around here, and I'm liking what I'm seeing. So today, we will do, to make up for last weeks play… with hopes of a reward of last week's repeat.

Happy Last Sunday Of The Week!!

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