Wednesday, June 22

The Summer Shift

At 11:07, Monday morning, I was in my van, with a head bopping one year old, car seat butt shaking 3 year old, and wide smiling 8 year old, as we pulled out of the school's parking lot for the last time this school year. Our window's were down, we were singing at the top of our lungs, Alice Cooper's "School's Out" …yep… that is what kind of cliché Mumma, I am.

School's out for summer baby, reason enough for me to max that volume and pump those fists.

I'm the kind of Mumma that wishes for snow days, gets excited for three day weekends, and feels like the start of having 2 full months of having all three kids home everyday, is something worth rocking out about.  I always say that once summer comes, the busy will slow, the scattered with aline, and the hectic will settle, but it doesn't, it just shifts.

Shifts from the focus of obligated time scheduled regiment, of life's expected accomplishing do's, to setting our sites on unstructured memories made, during the life attaining wants. Simpler life lessons, balancing those of challenging school work, growing social tolerance, and practiced self control. The type of growth that can only be learned by skipping flat rocks, hiking quiet trails, and chasing rolling waves.

With the best part being, I'm the leader of these lessons, present in watching my children revel in their experiences. So the sun block has been pulled out, bug spray replenished, bath suits stocked, and video games unplugged, gearing up, for the adventures that are eager to be had, soaked up, and relished over. Another summer is here for memories to be made during, captured in, and grown from, because school's out, my babies are all home, our focus is clear and we're happily shifting gears.

Morning coffee cheer's to the start of summer lessons my friends!

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