Friday, June 10

Posting To Post

I've turned off my alarm and over slept two time this week.

I've stood panicked in the kitchen at 5:00, three out of four nights, because I hadn't even entertained the idea of supper until then.

I've fallen asleep every night, without the usual mental process of days events and tomorrow tasks.

Our house has no potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, or eggs, with just enough milk for Joey in the morning.

I haven't give any thought, to correcting our grocery issue, until right now, but know it wont be tonight… or tomorrow.

I haven't had time to take many personal photographs this week.

I'm excited for school to end, but am only fooling myself with the thought that the hustle of busy and the bustle of play, will have a better chance to flow effortlessly, without school in the mix.

I'm blaming the days being too short, for lack of time to blog lately.

I'll do better...starting Monday.

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