Monday, June 6

Party Cravings

You know when a day starts off with coffee, toe nail painting, and clam dip eating, in the golden rays of the morning, while sitting on your porch, and ends with eating broccoli salad, straight from the oversized serving bowl, with your husband snoring beside you fully clothed in bed, and the strong smell of camp fire rushing into the air every time you move, the day that fell between the two, was a great one.

And it was a great one

I love everything about throwing a party, having a get together, or a reason to celebrate. There is always a point in the day before preparations, a wave of anxiety floods, and I question if this is the time I've bitten off more than I can chew and in the morning's rush of last minutes, whatever's, I'm hindered by the idea of guest showing up before I've had time to shower, collect my thoughts, or close my bedroom door.

It all falls into place though, even when the watermelon, I've been fighting the kids off for a week, gets forgotten or the one room that's catches all the things I don't know where to put, or what to do with, and has unfolded laundry turned upside down on the bed in the rush to find clothes for the kids, gets exposed for all to see, by a half turned knob and the smallest push, by a tiny little hand, attached to a curious little boy.

The irrelevant details, of beverage cooler placement, appropriate salsa/chip ratio, and perfect ballon distribution, get lost in the comfort of good friends, children's excitement, and the ease of laughter. It's a feeling of carefree I crave and look for any reason to create. I thrive in every aspect of getting ready for, being present in, and picking up after.

With or without, the pinatas, a bounce house, or perfectly plated appetizers, it's the atmosphere created, when people share, the worth of an effort, to get together.

I like it.

(But, pinata's don't hurt either)

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Maggie said...

Beautiful absolutely beautiful Sam!! You have an amazing way with words...your pictures are gorgeous...and I wish I was there it looked like so much fun! Your little girl is so adorable, I want to squish on her cheeks!! Thank you so much for sharing this with me!!



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