Friday, June 24

Friday's Monday

I don't know if it the overcasting clouds, part of the summer shift, or there's a stutter in our stride, that makes today's Friday play out more along the lines of a typical Monday. I've got that 3rd cup of coffee buzz that causes my brain to race, my eyes to swiftly shift, and my awareness of the quickly lowering level of the coffee, keen. I have that, 'back on schedule' urgency that causes lunch to be made for the kids at 10:30 and Joser napping by 11:00.

I keep telling myself it's Friday, the weekend's ahead of us, today we should celebrate it's encroachment, but there's no talking myself out of today's productivity. The drawers need to be restocked with clean clothes, the dishes need to have some attention paid to them, and my patience, for bickering brothers is dangerously low, so low, the chances of displaying the self-collected, level headed, parenting approach in settling their disputes is slim… real slim… like, me having the will power to resist eating my weight in pasta tonight, kind of slim.

Yeah… we're having pasta…. for supper… on a Friday...on a family movie night…I know, I know…but I'm letting myself slide on this one. This whole starting the weekend off like it's the beginning of the week, because this week, was kinda like a weekend... a really awesome weekend, thing. Which would have only been made better if Nate hadn't been working.

Right now, the laundry is spinning, the boys are wrestling, Joey is waking, and my 3 handfuls of popcorn for lunch, one Twix bar, and half a cantaloupe, have been eaten. I'm oddly comfortable with this Friday manic, this frenzy I'm more than will to embrace, with the pressure of Monday's clean up, merged with the ease of Friday night's flow into Saturday morning coffee.

Big week ahead, around here.
Happy 'weekends feel like the start of a week' to you!


Jodie ( said...

What beautiful pictures! Kids are gorgeous, and summer suits you all well!

Christina said...

Love these pictures, Sam!! It was great seeing you at the b-day party after many, many years!! :) Enjoy your 4th of July activities!!!!


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