Tuesday, December 20

Baby, It's Cold Outside

The title not only happens to be my most favorite Christmas song, but also the reality of today's weather. We didn't have any reason to draw us from the house today anyways, but temperature at 18* feeling like 5*, it pretty much sealed the deal that inside the house needs our attention, more than anything outside of it...

Calvin's got a bit of a cough coming on, and he's lost his high pitch scream… I can't say that I mind the lose of the scream bit, in the least… I've unexpectedly found myself in a house full of nappers with an hour to spare before Wesley gets home from school… So it's only natural for me to take advantage of this situations by eating my weight in chocolate peanut butter roll, sorting through this weekend's pictures, and hopefully composing an afternoon post, from start to finishes…. in the afternoon..

Allow yourself to categorize this as a Christmas Miracle! (Speaking of Christmas, it just dawned on me I should probably be wrapping presents or hot glue gunning something, during this little gift of Me time… meh)

This past weekend we hit the road North to my Aunt & Uncle's house, that we so look forward to doing every year… This year, there was only one thing that really stuck out about being odd, compared to any other year…

This year, Wesley and Calvin were both old enough to venture off with their equally aged cousins, only to be seen when the necessities like, food, drinks, or gift opening were inquired about. Josephine being the youngest, busied herself with following the older kids around, visiting the crated puppy, or jumping from lap to lap for cuddles.

For the first time, in along time, I didn't leave feeling like I hadn't spent any time filling myself in on the standard catch ups of everyone, let alone the smaller details of the everyday lives of those I see too infrequently.

It was really nice.

I feel very much in a 'hurry up and wait' state of mind… It can't really feel like the Holiday flood gates have opened until Wesley is on vacation from school, which doesn't come for another day and a half… in between, I've got groceries to get, beds to make up, furniture to rearrange, and any other work I can busy my days with until the stress of last minute grocery store runs, almost forgotten traditions, needless fretting of misplaced presents, and stress on blowing Santa's cover is upon us.

I just heard boots clomping on the porch, Bean is starting her pre wake up stretches, and I think Calvin is still down for a while… but the blog is ready for publish, and I can parade through the rest of the day feeling as if I used my alone time wisely… except the gluttony of eating of the peanut butter roll part… that was just plan stupid.

Christmas miracle, over.
Happy 'til next time!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Give yourself some credit. I don't think eating peanut butter roll is stupid at all.


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