Tuesday, December 27

Christmas Ease

As happy as I am that this weekend was such an all around delight, I'm just as thrilled that it has come to an end. I've been looked forward to writing about our Christmas all weekend long, I couldn't wait to find the words to describe the excitement that was share by both young and old. How the days hours seamed to grow just long enough to have time for the unrushed tasks of it all.  To not forget to mention how I allowed Nate off the hook, after he voice his opinion that he didn't think pulling Christmas together was really that much work. But now that the time has come to compose all that wonderful into words, I'm not feeling the flow, there is not ease, but much effort, and scattered thoughts of nothing streaming through this mind of mine.

Infact… I just sat here for the last 40 minutes, allowing myself to get sucked into Tabatha's Salon Makeover, finger peking at a random key on the key board to wake up my sleeping computer screen every few minutes, as if it would somehow awake some form of fluency with in me. It hasn't.

I don't know how many times I looked at Nate this past weekend and said, "This weekend has been great… like REALLY great" and I don't know why I was so surprised it would be. But it was.. great.. in so many laced and lingering ways. Other than the obvious of being surrounded by friends and family with moments being captured, while traditions become more secured, the stress level was low and unlike tonight's writing, this is where the flow of ease was carried, with an overwhelming sense of appreciation for those who we got to share it with.

{Christmas aint Christmas until someone streaks… thankfully it was Joey this year}

Now that all is said and done, Santa has come and gone, family hugged and thanked, the last 'because it's Christmas' declared, there is this simmer of needs that boils inside.. the kind that comes at the same time every year… the one that craves for the reigns of control, to all of the chaos, to be tightened, in hand, and redirected… one that magnifies my appreciation for thing having their own place in this household, none cluttered, and clean… and the burning to burry myself deeper into the fibers of this family.

To steep in the days that seem slow in comparison to the last few weeks and indulge in all that there is to be offered within these walls. Enjoy each day's journey, while maintain my daily structure, as I hopefully mange to nestle in its effortless flow.

But for now, the house is still, my bed is calling, with tomorrow looks promising.

Happy finding your flow!


Teresa Hayes said...

love your work u r amazing with a camera am planning on getting some nice photoes of my granddaughter done do u have pkgs and prices . thanks

Sam said...

Hey Teresa, you can check out my website that has all the pricing on it.. www.samantharichardsonphotography.com .. I don't offer packaging just because the print prices are already so low… I look forward to hearing from you and setting something up!


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