Friday, December 9

Friday's Rally

The worst thing for  me to do in the morning, is turn off my alarm, before I've fully pulled myself out from under the covers. The start of every new school year, I try to convince myself that when that 6:00 alarm chimes, the day's start, will not be delayed by as many 9 minute increments as possible…. This year, I made it 3.3 weeks into the school year... Even then, before my head is lifted from my pillow, the amount of coaching that runs through my mind, is down right ridiculous… mornings shouldn't be this hard… but they are… usually once I'm up, I'm at em… but not this week… this week I'm calling for a regroup.

Other than Wednesday's day on the run, we've had little obligations through out the day to draw us from the house, which in turn has resulted in long morning snuggles with long pajama'd babes, and what seems like a forever count down for when Wesley will be home to participate in the lazy with us. I haven't even eaten breakfast yet and I've decided we're ordering pizza in for supper… because even my effort toward dinner have been lackluster, in a hot dogs, chicken burgers, spaghetti, with a bag of chips, kind of way…

{When Nate and I noticed our tree was crooked… we both laughed at our inability to provide a straight tree after two attempts and agreed crooked give it character, instead trying to fix it a third time}

I have a master plan to rally today… Nate and I are planing on spending the night away tomorrow, so we can finish up any last minute Christmas shopping, search for some new furniture, and hangout with some friends for the evening… There are things that need to get done today, to make tomorrow the most successful... and these things for today,will get done… after this second cup of coffee is drank, the babes have their snuggle tanks filled, and the laundry puts itself away.

Snow is in the forecast of today and is promising a bombing 21 degree weekend… I've started the process of talking myself out from under the quilt and off the couch, we've got the seasonal debuting of Home Alone tonight, and a hot glue gun calling for some new ornaments to be made…

Until then….

{I have Santa's Naughty or Nice List App on my phone… So my phone album is peppered with pictures of the kids checking their statues with Santa… Can you guess who's on what list?}

Happy Weekend!!

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