Monday, December 12

Scattered All

Because Calvin isn't one to be too far away from his Mumma for too long of a time, before we left for Bangor Saturday morning, I felt it was necessary to prepare him days in advance. We talked about me being gone, I built his confidence by encouraging his strengths, eased his concerns with reiterating my promised return, stocked his supply of Mumma kisses and buddy snuggles.

When all was said and done,  I did the one thing that comforted my own hesitations... I promised to bring back a blue Sonic the Hedgehog character, if he promised to not cry for me the whole time and help Grammy and Grampy with Joey.

He held to his word and so did I (plus an extra toy for safe measure)

Despite the heavy case of Mom guilt that I lugged around for less then the 24 hours we were gone, and the fact that my new living room set balloon burst when nothing appealing was found, was easily countered by picking up the last of what will help make this Christmas spectacular (even though I literally got clipped by an aggressive Toys R Us shopper, which only resulted in a case of exasperated giggles) and the company of those, who are just down right spectacular…

I really have no direction for this post to be going.. I found some pictures on a memory card of Wesley receiving his green belt last week? Two weeks ago? I can't remember….Ever since Thanksgiving, I've been in a blur, the kind of blur that has me sitting in the front seat of the van, at the mouth of the driveway, waiting for the school bus that is running 45 minutes late, during the first snow storm like morning, filling our time by debating on whether it's Wednesday morning or Thursday morning…The kind of blur that deserves taking all the blame for a 9 year old having a better grasp on the days of the week than his mother. 

Today we basked in the warmth of the sun, while indulged in the fun of the snow… that was until our neighbor's new puppy came over, knocking the kids down and sending Buffett on a rarely seen protective flare. Resulting in Wesley being drug down the driveway when trying to hold her back from attacking… Joey crying do to the rudeness of this dog knocking her down and licking her face without permission … Calvin aggressively stomping his one foot toward this eagerly energized puppy who received the action as a "lets play" call and pushed Calvin down too, leaving him with mouth gasping at this dog's nerve …..and me trying to look like I'm in control while laughing hysterically at how ridiculous it all must look… Needless to say, I scooped up my babes, praised Buffett for showing interest in something other than the headless, semi-frozen rabbit she found earlier that day, and helicopter swung the kids on my hips around the icy driveway, on our way back to the house, dodging the less then controlled lunges by this too big for his body, wiry hound pup.

{I love Joey's arm over Calvin's back, they've got something special those two}

Tomorrow things are happening in this house… I've got packages to put together and gift to assemble, where I'm hoping they turn out as great as I think they will, but at the same time, refrain from getting too caught in the craziness of it all…

The house's night lull, just got briefly interrupted by a half cry from Joey's room, that leaves me sitting here on the cough, music muted, ears perked, hoping I only imagined the croup like bark that seems to have mixed its way in with her half awake call for Mumma… If this is the case, perhaps the stated happening of tomorrow will be postponed to another day…

Until then…

Please excuse my scatter!

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Teresa said...

I love taking outdoor pics of my kids too. You get to see their rosey cheeks and non stop smiles.
Cute Cute photos !


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