Thursday, October 14

Forget About It!

So this weekend we are finally heading to Massachusetts to visit Miss Madelyn (YAY!) who would be Nate's sister's new baby girl! There is a lot to do before we go and a lot to do while we're gone, but still, I sit here blogging about all I need to do, with out doing it. Because it's so much easier for me to write about what's got to get done, then actually get it done... I work better in crunch time anyways.

Every time I pack, I always forget something... always... and usually this "something" isn't just anything you can live without for a few days... One time when we went to a wedding in Massachusetts (*clears throat* Amy Heath's) and I was so focused on NOT forgetting the things the boys would need (who were in it), that I totally forgot my whole suitcase on my bed at home and only had the clothes I was going to wear to the Wedding with me and the clothes on my back (that I ending up having to jump in the hot tub with to save Wesley from drowning, but that's another story all together).  Fortunately there was a TJ Maxx that allowed me to purchase some items, while wearing choline smelling clothes that I had to dry hung over the shower rod with the hotel's curtsy hair drier, across the street.

When we went to fly to California to visit some of our friends we got halfway to Bangor before Nate asked for me to put the cash we were going to use on the trip into his book bag. Just then I remembered it was still in the exact same spot on my counter where it would be impossible to forget to take it (I blame that time on still being in shock from taking a pregnancy test "just because" that morning and 9 month later, here's Joey!)

Once we got into our Atlanta Hotel for a True Value Show, I realized I didn't pack either of us any underwear.

Nate had to run BACK down to Greenville last February because once again, I forgot a suitcase on the bed where I had been packing it.

And most recently, on my trip to Houlton I made sure NOT to forget to bring a change of clothes this time for Joser. And thank god I didn't, because when she filled her diaper so much it shot right up her back those change of clothes came in really handy, but remembering to throw some diapers into the bag would have been helpful as well.

So I think it would be safe to draw the conclusion that I don't actually work better in "crunch time" as I claim, and might want to take this little post as reasoning why I should get my "Do It Now" list started............ but....... the sun is out... and the weather if fine.......and the kids will have to sleep at some point tonight..... so... I'll just do it then!

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ADH said...

lmao, omg! How did I not know about that from my wedding?? that's too much...


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