Saturday, October 2

Open Mouth, now where is that foot

With my parents graciously offering to watch our kids, Nate and I were able to sneak away last night for a dinner at The Vault. The meal was delicious as always and conversation was kid free from interruption.

As we were sitting their enjoying our appetizer of scrumptious BBQ Chicken Nachos, in walks fellow diners. Seated behind us, was a family celebrating a birthday.  The Birthday Girl and I, having no favorable interest in each other, usually only exchange polite formalities due to sharing mutual friends.

Tonight was no different, I was to say my well wishes, acknowledge everyone at the table, and gladly return to increasingly growing cold Nachos and unattended, warming beer.

I, myself, would prefer to skip the 'milestone' birthday such as *clears throat* 30 and go right to 31.

As the Birthday Girl was declaring this a weekend long celebration of her big day she excitedly said, "I'm turning 40!"

"Oh No!!" was my uncontrolled response. As soon as I said it, I regretted it. A noncommittal "wow!" would have been a more suitable response, by satisfying her excitement (and my terror) on the subject matter.

Knowing my explanation of why I had responded the way I did would only make the already awkward silence that had fallen across the table worse, so I did the best I could do with a "Well, Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your meal!" and quickly turn and retreat back to my table.

Nathan, from the safety of our table, sat back and enjoyed the unexpected entertainment, that was now being provided with dinner.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I would have paid big money to have been a fly on that wall. I love and admire your unadulterated honesty.


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