Friday, October 29

Trauma and a Two year old

My poor baby boy Calvin.
Yesterday was a tough day for the old chap. He loves sweets and would do anything for a piece of candy, cookie, or anything else that would fallow under the "sweet tooth" category. I know this about him and often use it to my advantage. A distraction for when I see him heading down the road of public display of a tantrum, bribery to eat a few extra bites of breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or as a reward for using the potty.
He probably asks for a piece of candy on average, ever 14.8 minutes of the day

Saturday we have a Halloween Party we are going to at the local Rec. department and I offered to make the cupcakes. I love Halloween and making theme related cupcakes (because I can't bake anything successful other then cupcakes). Doing anything in this household is a day long process. I takes me all day to put the dishes away from the dishwasher, so it would be no different with mixing, making, baking and decorating these cupcakes.... HAD I KNOWN that Calvin being surrounded by cupcakes, that he was unable to eat, would cause as much of a traumatic day as it did, I would have willing stayed up throughout the night to accomplish this task.
He was obsessed with the cupcakes and even while outside playing he kept talking about them. While his imagination was running wild with bubble wand in one hand and beach shovel in the other, cupcakes took up a large part of the one man conversation.
After Diego educated Calvin on the antlers of a White Tailed Deer, Calvin educated Diego on the cupcakes in the kitchen.
At one point in the day he was so overwhelmed by being surrounded by "Calvin no touch cupcakes" that he didn't no what else to do but run around our island while crying and screaming (naked of course) "CUPCAKE!!! CUPCAKE!!!"
Now I know what you (mom & dad) are thinking.. "Just give the kid a damn cupcake" and I did... But I didn't wanted to feed into his crazed behavior or reward his fits of cupcake rage. So he did get one after supper, but him and I were both exhausted by the end of the day.

Waking up this morning I felt pretty good about today being a more positive day for both Calvin and I. It was Friday, we had a fun fill weekend ahead with Halloween Activities, and WHAT could really trump my withholding cupcakes that could make today any worse then yesterday?

Flushing your last beloved Pacifier down the toilet is WHAT could happen to trump yesterday!
It took me a good 10 minutes to figure out why exactly why Calvin was out of control. Again, running around the island naked, snot, tears, and drool spewing out of his face, while yelling "BAAAH, AAAH, BAAAAH". He couldn't get a handle on himself and any attempt on my part to calm him down was rejected.

Had he not been my deep brown eyed, 2 year old stark naked son,  I would have considered this the ideal situation where you could get away with slapping someone to bring them back to reality.

He was crying so hard he started that gasping hiccuping thing you do after a good hard cry and I was able to make sense of the last 6 minutes of mayhem.
C: *gasp hiccup*"MUMMA" *gasp hiccup* "get it" *soft sob*"sassy" *hard swallow*"flushed" *gasp hiccup* "GET IT!!!" *continued uncontrolled sobbing*

I did the best I could to explain it was gone and it wasn't coming back, but also used this opportunity to ditch the back up pacifier I had hidden above the stove in case of an emergency.

So, I was wrong, today looks to be EVEN MORE traumatic than yesterday for my poor little baby boy, maybe I should try and comfort him with a cupcake?

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