Sunday, October 24

Sleepy Tooth Fairy...

The fact of the matter is, Wesley doesn't like to wiggle his teeth when they are loose... He would rather eat from the side of his mouth for 3 months, cry during brushing his teeth, and avoid any bribes that Nathan and I give him to allow us to have "just one pull".
He doesn't give into the temptation of tying it to a door knob with dental floss and slamming the door or even better, tying it from tooth to Buffett's tail and throwing a ball for the dog to then chase (which I thought would be pretty awesome myself!)

So three days ago Wesley's mouth was filled with 4 loose teeth.

Thursday morning while brushing his teeth before school I offered him $1.00, for one chance to pull his bottom tooth. Being that he is saving up for a replacement Nintendo DS he accepted the monetary offer. Half a pull later (how it hadn't fallen out already is a mystery) we have tooth in hand, pocket's a dollar richer, and a tardy slip from the school because I was willing to allow him to be late for the sake of pulling this stupid tooth!

That day was busy, a lot to do, a lot of running around and an overall exhausted mother. After settling Joey back into slumber at 4:00 am, I was just dozing off myself when I shot up out of bed realizing the Tooth Fairy had failed to make an appearance and reward him for this tooth it had taken so long to get out of his mouth. After searching high and low for $1.00 to replace the tooth with, I successfully snuck into the boy's room and up to the top bunk where Wesley lays sleeping. Spotting the convenient "tooth pillow" with it's personal "tooth pocket" I dug my finger in to retrieve the lost tooth...... nothing.... realizing Wesley probably went old school when it came to prime tooth placement (rather then the foolishness of having a special Tooth Pillow)  I steadily reached my hand under the pillow he was nestled into. Wesley not only stirs but lifts his head up, looks me in the eyes and throws his arm around my neck only to lay his head back down returning to his slumber.

Now I was trapped under him and realizing there was no tooth under his pillow. Looking around the bed I see 2 other possible tooth covering pillow suspects. Smoothly escaping from under his arms I continue my search for this tooth, growing more and more impatient. Pillow #3............nothing......... Pillow #4.... NOTHING... Throwing my hands up in the air in a "I give up" gesture I scale down the ladder to make my exit, leaving the dollar under pillow #2.

As my hand swings by my side, brushing my leg, I knock something that is stuck to my PJ's to the floor... THE TOOTH!! But it's dark and I don't know where it went.

So here I am.. using the dull shine of the night light as my guide to find a tooth, on all fours, on the floor, that is covered with toys that at any moment could erupt with Dinosaur roars or never ending Thomas the Train Choo-Choo's, panicked with the thought of how I would explain this if all of a sudden I heard Wesley ask what I was doing.

Finally the tooth was found by the bottom of my bare foot after giving up and exited their room.

Saturday, Wesley lost another tooth, so tonight I'm faced once again with a visit from the Tooth Fairy. But I stayed up much too late last night and had another day on the go today and exhaustion is causing my head to spin.

But as tired as I am, is taking the risk of ruining Wesley's childhood because his Mother has the inability to be able to provide him with a competent Tooth Fairy, something I'm willing to live with for the rest of my LIFE!?!?!?

Thank God for DVR!

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